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1131 - The last Word from Microsoft?
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking new right at the top of the show as Microsoft loses its appeal and the court rules they have to stop selling infringing copies of Microsoft Word by January 11, 2009. We also welcome the new White House security czar and the Google Yelp drama plays on. We're on break now, but we do have special episodes in the feed. We'll be back on January 4! Have a a great holiday!

Stories Covered[]

Microsoft loses Word patent appeal

White House appoints cybersecurity chief

Who Walked, Google or Yelp?

Apple’s TV subscription plan gains potential partners in CBS, Disney

Ford to offer new Wi-Fi option in cars: “BYO Modem” is the model

Israeli programmer hacks Kindle, breaks DRM protection

Backupify drops paywall; backs up your data from Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail

CES Preview


Ebook readers

In TVs is thin going to be the new differentiator where size was before?


Wireless Charging, nee HDMI?

Motion Control

Pandora in-car


Anonymous on Verizon


Hey gang,

On episode 1130, the gang discussed adding a pay-per-view model on livestreams and receive a negative response. I used to follow ’s Twitter stream and they were constantly promoting live artists that were streaming concerts. Examples include: John Mayer, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, and many more. I remove the list after constantly getting ping to see Cincinnati receiver Chad Johnson’s livestream. I can see this as a great way for artists to receive compensation to show live concerts online but the real question is will people pay for this? We shall see.

Love the show,


New Orleans, LA

Hey BOL,

Public key cryptography is a good idea but I have a feeling that the movie studios don’t trust the theaters and thus wouldn’t want them to be able to play the movie until it is supposed to be released. With regular encryption the movie studios can send along the movie before it is released and don’t have to worry about the theaters being able to play the movie until the key is sent to them at the time the movie is released.

Love the show,

Alex Kaiser, Mill Valley, CA

After The Credits[]

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