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1128 - Should Google make its own Netbook?
Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rumors are that next year Google will add a Netbook brand along with its phone branding, and possibly begin a line of consumer electronics. Is that a good thing for Google? We kick around that old football. Also, Patrick from France joins us with his distinctly European perspective and we refrain from insulting each other for once. It's a brave new world!

Stories Covered[]

Obama administration rolls out $2 billion for broadband

Get ready for the Google branded Chrome OS Netbook

Hackers access Predator drones

Apple working on 3D ‘hyper-reality’ displays

Zune HD Twitter app now live UPDATE: it censors tweets!

Nook hacked with Web browser, Facebook, Twitter apps for starters

Sony Reader will get NY Post and Dow Jones exclusive content

RIM confirms BlackBerry e-mail outage

Dungeons & Dragons For Microsoft Surface has come a long way–dragons-for-microsoft-surface-has-come-a-long-way


Dean in DC on Google Chrome and the EU

Tony on cell radiation


During the conversation on Wednesday’s show about the LED traffic lights not melting snow, I knew I had heard about that years ago, but couldn’t remember where. After a quick google search, I found this .

Evidently Click and Clack talked about that in 2006 — too bad all the guys ordering the LED stop lights didn’t listen to them.

Joe from Wilmington, OH (as seen on 60 Minutes and Rachael Ray!)

Hey buzz crew.

I’m emailing in reference to an email you read in episode 1127 about chrome vs firefox download speeds. I too notice this difference especially when I use the firefox addon down them all. When using down them all I can get speeds that are several times faster than chrome. I keep hoping with the beta release of chrome extensions that down them all will come to chrome but alas no such luck yet. Love the show

Sam in Seattle

After The Credits[]

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