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1125 - Exclusive report on the Google Nexus One
Monday, December 14, 2009

Some enterprising hackers have rooted the Barnes & Noble Nook, giving them unrestricted access to the underlying Android operating system. Black and white tablet FTW! We also get the exclusive from Jason Howell about the new Google phone known as the Nexus One. And those crazy Scandinavians get to try out LTE first. Good on ya, Nordic peeps!

Stories Covered[]

Google phone looks ’supersharp’

Google Phone/Nexus One pictures

Is it the HTC Passion?

4G network comes to Scandinavia

Hollywood aets $10 billion box office record

2009 holiday sales online: $19.9 billion and counting

Privacy changes for Facebook boss

Microsoft invents price-gouging the least influential

Nook can do “everything an Android phone can do”

Man turns Christmas lights into Guitar Hero game

Judges can’t “friend” lawyers in Florida


Richard in Santa Monica’s reaction to AT&T


Hey Buzz Crew,

I was listening to episode 1121 when you discussed QR code scanning apps and how useful they really are but you missed out on some of the more interesting uses. They were used on posters for Tim Burton’s last film “9″ as a link to a webpage with special content which could only be accessed via the QR codes. This would be especially interesting (and provide a lot of nerd cred) for a new movie in a big franchise like Iron Man, Batman, or Harry Potter.

Another useful feature of the bar code scanning apps is that some of them allow you to take a photo of the bar code of an item while you are in the store and it pulls up price comparisons; pretty useful!

Just thought I’d let you guys know.

Love the show,

Josh Da Silva

Hey Buzz crew,

I was listening to BOL 1123, and while you were discussing developments in brain to computer speech synthesis, Mike, my Doberman, came up to me and started making those almost human whining noises that dogs sometimes make. Suddenly I realized another potential application for this technology: talking pets! Animals just don’t have the physiology for human-style speech, but suppose this barrier were removed, what would our dogs and cats have to say to us? Wouldn’t this be awesome?

Chris Johnson

Arlington, Massachusetts

After The Credits[]

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