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1123 - Honey, what's this charge for penetration testing?
Thursday, December 10, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley and Donald Bell
Jason Howell

A new service uses the power of 400 virtualized computers in the cloud to test the security of your WPA WiFi password. They only charge $34. But Donald is afraid of how this penetration testing might show up on his credit card bill. But forget WiFi. WiGig is coming promising 7Gbps transfer speeds. Take that Ethernet cable!

Stories Covered[]

WiGig alliance creates next-generation wireless networking standard

Microsoft finally open sources Windows 7 tool

Buy a DVD on Amazon; Start Watching the Movie in Minutes

Nokia to close some of its most visible stores

Amazon says no plans to open brick and mortar stores

Hitwise: Google Near 72% Of All US Searches

Bing ads over 75% more likely to be clicked than Google ads

Court indicates ripping CDs to MP3 may be fair use

Biometric Face Recognition At Your Local Mall

Harnessing the Cloud for Hacking

Wireless Brain-to-Computer Connection Synthesizes Speech

Failure of Russia’s latest nuclear missile prompts UFO frenzy


Matt on trying to buy ebooks

Derrick from Chicago knows someone who worked at the theater that threw the girl in jail.

Tim on Facebook privacy


BOL crew,

Just thought I’d let you know that Barnes & Noble is actually shipping the Nooks. I pre-ordered mine in the first couple of days they started taking orders, and mine arrived yesterday. In the finest tradition of “pictures or it didn’t happen” here are some pictures:

I like it over all. The reviews saying it’s a little sluggish are pretty accurate when it comes to doing lots of navigation, but once you settle in to reading, I find the experience very similar to the Sony PRS-505 I had. One disappointment is that even with the wireless connections, the Nook won’t sync your place in a book between devices.

I had started reading George R.R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones” on my iPhone. Having read the book for Sword and Laser, I’m sure Tom will realize what a challenge it was to find the right chapter (Arya, Bran, Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Eddard, etc.) by hand. I’m hoping that Amazon didn’t get a patent for something as obvious as syncing locations between reading devices and that this will get fixed in a Nook update later.

Love the show.

Kyle Johnson

Durham, NC

Hey guys,

just wanted to add a comment about your discussion of EAs DLC in episode 1122. One problem with their DLC, at least in Dragon Age, is that once you use the DLC in-game and then save the game you will have to be connected to the internet for verification EACH time you want to play the game. Fine for people with always-on internet but not so great for those of us without or when you loose internet access and want to play. Love the show!

Glenn from NH

In regards to the news of brazil being the world champion in spam I would like to point a few things:

1- we are one of the largest online populations of the world

2- the vast majority of those computers are running a pirated version of windows xp or 98, pirated office and programs for pirating music, (there’s no iTunes or Amazon music store) and very few run antivirus.

3-the most popular way to access the Internet is not to own a computer, but to access public terminals in LAN houses or government sponsored Internet centers. All “favelas” have one.

If that doens’t ring a bell, let me put in another way: did you know brazil is the only country to have an official, nationwide, public holiday on November 20 called Zombie day (dia do zumbi). True, check wikipedia.

Alexandre V

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