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1121 - There's no widget for kindness
Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yahoo has a new program to spread kindness. But Cooley hates it. Why? There's no app for that. We also discover the true meaning of holiday hate when Tom and Brian fight over the rights of the customer when shopping. And we review the JooJoo and Boxee. And Natali lets on that she hates Brooklyn. At least when Brooklyn has no food.

Stories Covered[]

Boxee Beta is cleaner, better, still closed

And Boxee Box will launch next year for $200

Hands on with JooJoo

Google Introduces Real-Time Search

Google introduces Favorite Place info using QR Codes

Google Chrome for Mac finally in Beta

…and extensions arrive

CRIA Faces $6 Billion Lawsuit

Vevo set to launch tonight

Microsoft EnticeCube is like a Google Search of regular people

Sony Reader store gets name change and goes to all ePub format

New Digital Publishing Venture Boasts Access To 144 Million-Plus Audience; Squires Talks

Yahoo’s random acts of kindness set

Branson unveils next step toward space flights


Thomas in Columbus why he doesn’t buy online from Best Buy

Mark from Philly online ordering frustration


Hola Buzzito’s

In episode 1120 you guys discussed the use of a physical Amazon store as a pick up facility. I would definitely use this service as I am a college student and my textbooks are often cheaper on however book lists often come out too late for me to wait for shipping. The presence of a pick up facility would save me some money and I’m sure drive down the cost of books at my school’s bookstore (run by the big bad Barnes and Noble, seriously where’s my Nook).

Love the show keep up the good work :-)


Best Of 2009 submissions!

This year’s Best of 2009 episode is going to be entirely listener submitted. So be a part of this listener created experience: Clip out your favorite moments from any episode published in 2009. Export your clip as an MP3 of at least 128kbp. Email the clip to Subject: Best of 2009 – Episode ####. Deadline for submissions is Friday, Dec. 18, 2009. Please hurry! And with enough people pitching in 2-3 clips, we should end up with an awesome clips show.

After The Credits[]

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