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1120 - Make a lot of nickels, Microsoft
Monday, December 7, 2009

Microsoft cancels its family licensing program and Molly decides it needs a lesson in economics. Stop focusing on dimes, Microsoft! We also plea for some common sense in the case of the woman jailed for recording some of the new "Twilight" movie at a birthday party.

Stories Covered[]

Apple buys Lala service

"New Moon" taping may put woman in prison

“So, Verizon, about those doubled early termination fees…”

New Senate bill targets unfair early termination fees

Amazon in secret plan to open high street shops offers an actual world catalog

Microsoft kills Windows family pack discount just before the holidays

Intel: Initial Larrabee graphics chip canceled

US agency’s balloon hunt tests Internet accuracy

MIT team wins DARPA network challenge

Hackers vs. phishers


Anonymous on why shows up in search


Buzz Crew:

Thank you.

I began listening to the Buzz Out Loud podcast after losing my job in March of this year. The topics and discussions, though not directly related to my career up to that point, were interesting and engaging.

Over the following 7 months, I faithfully listened to the podcast.

I realized early on in my search for new employment that the field of industry with which I was familiar would not offer any meaningful opportunites. Though my resume provided no technical experience basis for doing so, I expanded my search to include many high-tech companies unrelated to my area of expertise.

During a recent interview with one of these companies, I found myself responding fluidly and confidently to technical questions that the experience on my resume indicated I should not necessarily have known the answers to.

Introspection after that interview brought me to the conclusion that, by virtue of my daily dosages of Buzz, I had at my disposal a new set of knowledge tools with which to rebuild my stalled career.

That interview, by the way, led to the position I currently enjoy with a great company.

Thank you for the education. May the universe grant me some day the opportunity to repay you all for the parts you played in helping me get back on my professional feet.


Jim in San Jose

I have to be say I don’t understand google’s problem with printer drivers. Linux has CUPS (the Common Unix Printing System) which has support for tons of printers. No drivers to install or anything. I believe it is based off of and/or the same as the printer set up in Mac OS X. I use linux almost exclusively (except for gaming) and setting up my network HP printer is amazingly easy. Why wouldn’t google use this open source tool? It’s like saying we are making a linux distro without access to the file system or you know custom skinning…. Oh wait they’re doing that too.

Love the show

Sam in Seattle

Hi, Buzz folks,

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in the midst of the Browser Wars between Microsoft and Netscape, the people of the planet Netscape offered a reward to online companies, like hosting and web design companies who provided a link to the Netscape browser downoad (which carried a service fee of a few dollars.

It was Netscapes policy to pay thos referral commissions, no matter how small, even when the postage on the check exceeded the amount of the payment. See the attached.

Tim T.

After The Credits[]

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