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1118 - The Mean Streets of Dell
Thursday, December 3, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Donald Bell
Jason Howell

Turns out Dell says they never deleted complaints from their forums about throttled processors, and they're working hard to fix the issues with updated BIOS. Donald suggested that the folks who claimed they were deleted by Dell probably lost a lot of street cred. We also speculate on the meaning of the Comcast acquisition of NBC Universal. Will Heores become more Comcastic?

Stories Covered[]

Comcast Gets NBC From G.E. in Deal That Reshapes TV

Google and Twitter Hook Up On 9 Million Sites

Microsoft launches Streetside Maps on Bing

Intel Shows Off 48-Core Chip

Intel sees rush to Netbook app store

FCC Preparing Transition To VoIP Telephone Network

Texting and twitter make kids BETTER writers, not worse

Dell on Laptops and Throttling

FCC approves radar that sees through walls

Man controls cybernetic hand with thoughts


Shalin on journalism

iYaz on Psystar


According to this article , Verizon’s map of AT&T coverage is not actually correct; The real map is -smaller-! Seems verizon’s actually showing a bigger map than AT&T actually cover because it included their 3rd party towers, that AT&T don’t own, just pay to use as and when they need it.

So what, you might well ask; phone still works there – funny, but not that big a deal.

Well it appears (See same article) AT&T may decide to cut off your service if you use too much data in those areas, as these third party towers cost them more. So the map of coverage is realy a map of ‘mostly coverage, unless you’re in specific, unmentioned areas where the coverage is limited.

Makes me feel happy to be in the UK where the iPhone is available via O2, Orange and soon (6 months I think) Vodafone will also offer it.

Who hot elves? (it’s an anagram :D )

- Hennell

Hey Buzz crew –

I was reading about Talkback – the open source text-to-speech screen reader designed for the droid. As I’m sure you’re aware the iPhone 3G S has voiceover capabilities hence making it mostly accessible to visually impaired/blind users but I can’t find a damn thing on Talkback! With all the talk of Droid becoming a stronghold (?) in the smart phone market and Jason’s undying love of his own bot I wondered if anyone had gotten better news than this link on its accessibility features. Also as a side note I had to respond to the Kindle talk recently regarding it taking over the world and being accessible by design. Note that even though it may provide some text-to-speech capabilities most books (and publishers) have disabled this feature out of fear of audiobooks loosing sales *and* the menus and toolbars do not have speech output making them inaccessible to navigate for those with print/visual disabilities. Love you though, love the show!


Hey Buzz crew,

I was listening to episode #1117 and your discussion about non-standard printer drivers and I think the reason why they are universally terrible is that HP, Canon etc. want to be able to sell you more ink cartridges. Normally when the proprietary software says the ink has run out, there is still actually plenty of ink left. They just want to be able to continue to sell as many ink cartridges as possible. I think this is why Microsoft never was able to get them to adopt a universal standard and Google is going to have a very difficult time trying to do the same.

Love the show,

Pete in San Jose

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