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1112 - Rupert Murdoch battles infinity
Monday, November 23, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Brian Tong
Jason Howell

Microsoft is apparently willing to pay Rupert Murdoch to block Google from indexing any of his websites. Are we headed towards a world where the search engine you use determines what news you get? Probably not. We explain why Murdoch may be thinking in an old fashioned limited way rather than in the current infinite Internet way. We also declare the patent office baroque. And ask it to lose weight.

Stories Covered[]

Microsoft Offers To Pay News Corp To “De-List” Itself From Google

Large Hadron Collider progress delights researchers

Another iPhone worm, but this one is serious

Nook sold out for the holidays

Roku adds Flickr, Facebook, Pandora, and more video channels

Farewell, triangles: AOL preps its post-Time Warner look

Smoking may void Applecare warranty due to “health hazard”

Spotify Expands Its Reach, But Still Can't Get to the U.S.

Gameloft and others, reigning in Android plans – game developers pulling back

Apple’s Schiller Defends iPhone App Approval Process

Man to marry his video game girlfriend this Sunday


Brandon has a way to do hands-free texting

Gil in Iraq has a worry about Digital Britain


Caroline wrote a great article about the re-branding of AOL as —> “Aol.” + the results of typing “random crap” into Google image search.

This is so FAIL, I am having trouble wrapping my head around it.

1) America Online, AOL is an acronym, so why “Aol”?

2) Again, AOL is an acronym not a fraking sentence, WHY IS THERE PUNCTUATION??

3) Based on the write-up, there is a finite number of ‘clip art’-esque backdrops for the now Aol (pronounced “OWL” now in my book). So, I’m glad that the online company went with an image of Scratchy from the Simpsons with an exploding brain containing tinier Scratchy heads. Marketing GENIUS.

Clearly, the marketing team was part of, and stayed with, Time Warner. Not like I’d ever use Aol., but this is some serious marketing FAIL.


Dr. Karl :)

Buzz Gang…

I dont remember which episode it was, (1099) but it was when you were talking about the ACTA Treaty. I thought I would send this little graphic I threw together which I will be posing on my sites with a link to the Electronic

Frontier Foundation:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention and many others. Until I heard this,

I thought the Net Neutrality issue was the big issue, now Im not so sure.

Rob Truman, USN Ret.

Tucson, AZ

A short time ago,

in our very own galaxy……….

Patent Wars

(cue Imperial March)

Hi all in Buzzington,

This has got to be the worst and/or scariest patents I’ve seen. Slashdot has a report that some company called Volomedia, got a patent that grants them exclusive rights to create, download, and sync podcasts. Them and no one else. The way it’s worded not only spells doom for nearly every online news/media site, but possibly TV shows to an extent.

Ok, so I want to patent the rights of creating a sequel work based on an original intellectual property. Oops, there goes the media/entertainment industry.

Please tell me I’m misunderstanding this patent, otherwise BOL and every other podcast that I love could be wind up on the streets.


Hey BOLers,

I love you guys, but every time you start to talk about Windows Mobile and the Zune and Microsoft’s strategy (or lack thereof), it makes me want to blow a gasket.

While WinMo is clearly behind compared to several other mobile OSes, everyone seems to forget that Windows Mobile has had apps available for a long, long time. I have a great Twitter app (Twikini), an official Facebook app, mobile maps with driving directions (Bing), and more.

Could it be better? Absolutely. There are still a lot of aspects of the OS that are behind the times. But if you look at the published required specs for WinMo 7 phones, it looks like it’s going to be really powerful and full of cutting edge features. Additionally, the Zune platform will reportedly be intergrated into Windows Mobile 7, so why would MS put out a Zune phone when ALL the WinMo 7 phones will be Zune phones?

Even though I disagree with your thoughts on Windows Mobile, I still … Love the show. :)

George A. Roberts IV

President and CEO, Purity Networks, Inc.

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