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1110 - Apple Tablet is the unicorn of tech
Thursday, November 19, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts:
Jason Howell

The rumors about the Apple Tablet are getting crazy and special guest Cali Lewis nails it when she calls it a unicorn. We also get the first look at the Google OS, and nobody is very excited about Microsoft Office 2010. Except the one person who never uses it: me. And we get some of the inside scoop behind the FAA outage.

Stories Covered[]

Liveblog today: Google Chrome OS press conference

Apple Tablet that has never been more than a rumour now delayed until 2H 2010

Ian Paul at PC World declares Tablet dead

AT&T loses first legal battle against Verizon ads

Microsoft launches Office 2010 beta with social networking in Outlook

FAA Computer Glitch Causes Widespread Airline Delays

Programmers Guild protests visa extension laws

California approves new standards on energy-hungry TVs,0,4027697.story

Next-gen Flip camcorder to boast Wi-Fi

US government using PS3s to break encryption

Lab worms are stunned by ‘phaser’


Anonymous on Film and Games

Brian on the in-dash robot


Hey Buzz Crew,

Chris the former SNOWMAN HUNTER (and secret robot resister) here to say I too was creeped out by Aida, the backseat driving robot on Episode 1108. A passenger in my car that scolds and nags and guilt-trips? What a clanking piece of Hell in the car pool lane. But then it hit me. Give it a thin British accent, paint it gold and call it C-3P0… and I’d buy one tomorrow.

Love the show… until we’re all turned into a warm slurry by the coming robot hoards.


Hi Buzz Crew,

Watching episode 1109.

Tom the circle on you iPhone next to the bars as far as im aware means you have cell data. the bars are the signal strength from the mast. the circle is cell data, and E is Edge, 3G is 3G.

Over here in the UK on O2 we have pretty good 3G coverage and every time iv used my iPhone to load a page – it loads, what ever i’m on (cell,edge,3g), yes on cell it takes a bit longer – but it loads, sounds like AT&T should give up and go do something else

Love the show guys.



England, UK

Hey Buzz Crew,

Xerox has setup to have people sign up to send free printed postcards to troops overseas. You select one of the designs, add a message, your name and hometown and they send it for free to a random troop.

I thought this was a neat idea from Xerox and I’m hoping that you’ll put the link in your shownotes.

Thanks and “Love the show.”

Hutch from Grand Rapids

After The Credits[]

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