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1104 - Microsoft hides its hot new TV service
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell

Bing has taken over MSN video and it has videos from every network. Why aren't they trumpeting this? We also get really confused by Verizon's unlimited plan that has a limit of 5GB. Does it? Doesn't it? What the hell? And we debate the way Twitter retweets.

Stories Covered[]

Microsoft disconnects Xbox gamers

New Microsoft Project Natal details leak, coming next year for cheap

Google Tests Skippable Ads In YouTube Videos

T-Mobile Moves Aggressively into HSPA and HSPA+

Supremes wrestle with business method, software patents

Google hopes to remake programming with Go

Microsoft moves MSN Video under Bing umbrella

Twitter changes up ReTweet

Google Latitude, now with Location History & Alerts

Google Latitude Gets Snoopier: Adds Location History and Alerts


Brannon from Lake Elsinore on Gizmo

Jeremy in Virginia about the cookie law in Europe


Hey Buzz Crew,

It was funny how you guys talked about hackers blacking out Brazil in previous years and just yesterday (Tuesday) we have suffered another one. A report says that it affected 18 states (4 totally, 14 partially) and also Paraguay (about 90%). The blackout is believed to have been caused by weather conditions and it has shut down 3 power transmission lines, some hydroelectric power plants and two nuclear power plants. The power was totally restored by 3:15 AM (Brazilian DST). More information can be found in the following link (in Portuguese, sorry):

Please stop talking about blackouts here… It appears to have and immediate effect! LOL

Love the show!

Gus, the IT Auditor from Curitiba, Brazil.

Hey buzz crew

love the show! Have heard you guy mention that “unlimited data” on wireless isn’t really unlimited. I did some checking as I am a heavy data user and can’t find anyplace on Verizon, ATT or Sprints website that says theres actually a 5gb limit (and yes I read as much of the fine print as I could find). I did see that there was a 5gb limit on there data card plans and tethering but it says that right up front. So my question is what are you talking about? Oh and when I said I was a heavy data user I meant that I am a truck driver who uses my Sprint data card which I luckily got when they had the unlimited plan which I get to keep. My average usage is… 25gb a month with an all time high of 52gb. I also have almost no trouble getting 3G service in all the places I go.

Again Love The Show!


Hello Buzz Crew,

Referring to yesterdays episode, you mentioned the Milestone going to Europe and how you would want to get a phone sent to you from Europe. Well surprise surprise, you can go on a field trip to your friendly neighbours up north. Telus is announcing that it will have it exclusively (unlocking anyone? :) ). It’s supposed to come out “early 2010″.

Here is a link to engadget:


Carl from BC,Canada

After The Credits[]

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