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1102 - We're blocked in China! We made it!
Monday, November 9, 2009
Tom Merritt Co-hosts: Brian Tong
Lynn Fu

We get an email telling us our podcast RSS feed is now blocked in China after talking about the dispute over World of Warcraft between two Chinese government departments. Really? THAT is what got us blocked. We also get a kick out of good old Grandpa Murdoch's latest ramblings. And happy birthday Firefox. You're vulnerable.

Stories Covered[]

Murdoch: We'll probably remove our sites from Google's index

Murdoch Making News Invisible To Search Engines? Not So Fast

New Verizon ad calls iPhone ‘misfit toy’

Apple said to be working on ‘world-mode’ iPhone

First iPhone Worm Discovered, Rickrolls Jailbroken Phones

Happy 5th birthday

Firefox Tops Vulnerability List

Nvidia CEO says ‘no’ to Intel-compatible chip

Nook e-Book Reader on Back-Order

Massive Brazilian Power Outages In 2005 and 2007 Caused By Hackers

First look: Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris are risky for business

Comic Books Improve Early Childhood Literacy


Anonymous thoughts about free speech

Terry on the bus – Teaxed twice by subsidies


Hey Buzz Crew,

I know from an earlier episode that many of you no longer use the actual Google homepage, opting for search bars and other fancy means. But, as someone who uses the homepage everyday, the things that Google chooses to put on their home really makes an impact on me as a Google user. Much to my surprise, this morning when I login, what do I see? A shameless plug for the Verizon Droid phone. Now, I think this phone is great and I would even purchase it myself if I was not broke. But, I feel that this kind of promotional advertising on the Google homepage crosses that line from normal to extremely sleazy. I tend to be ok with Google and their enormous corporate clout because they typically are innocuous in their products and launches. More like “Hey, here is a really cool product, do what you want with it” instead of “Yo, yo, yo, check out this sweet product that you need to have to change your life”. But, this advert on the homepage seems more like the typical marketing tricks by a very large company. What do you guys think?

chris the computer science grad student

So, I had been wondering why the last couple BOL’s weren’t coming down through iTunes, so I decided to check the blog and see what’s up, and I see the story about the infighting between the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the GAPP over WoW. Apparently somebody didn’t like the way you guys talked about it. I have seen other podcasts mysteriously stop downloading (happened to Radiolab after they did a piece on a Chinese zoo that does live feedings), but oddly I wouldn’t expect it to happen to Buzz, since you’ve covered China’s censorship before without getting blocked. Could just be coincidental, after all, I would really expect the Instance to get blocked because of Scott’s “Ding Pong” act, but it hasn’t.

Anyway, no reason to shut up about it, your pod is still accessible from the blog page, so China listeners aren’t totally out of luck.

Also, I posted a rough overview of WoW’s China troubles here: — doesn’t say much new, though one huge question I still have is why skeletons are such a big deal to China’s censorship regime. I was hoping someone would eventually give me a good cultural answer, but it may just be that moral authorities have strange fetishes.

GAC in China

Hey buzz crew,

In episode 1101 you were talking about whether or not Netscape was free or not. As someone who is greatly interested in the browser wars past and present I feel I can settle this argument. Netscape was free for educational and personal use and they charged for enterprise accounts. This may have changed at the end, but the primary way that Internet Explorer won was by making it default on windows, and they also made a deal with Apple to make internet explorer the default browser on Mac OS (late 9 and early X). Love the show, hopes this helps!


After The Credits[]

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