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1096 - Unzipping your genes
Friday, October 30, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell
Derek Colanduno of the Skepticality podcast (Skeptic Magazine)

Turns out those terahertz scanners in the airports are mostly safe, but they do a little unzipping of your DNA. Derek says it's nothing to worry about; you won't grow a third arm in the airport--even if it would be handy for carrying baggage. We also find out e-mail isn't private. Did we need the courts to tell us that? And Facebook gets $711 million it will never see.

Stories Covered[]

Federal judge says e-mail not protected by Fourth Amendment

Facebook awarded $711 million in spam lawsuit

Internet regulator Icann approves Web addresses in multiple languages

Epix launches premium movie channel for TV and the Web

Google Wave to be opened for federation today! Yes, for you to host.

Software that fixes itself

Microsoft’s Mission Viejo store opens

Let’s kill the OS upgrade disc

How terahertz waves tear apart DNA

ReoCities: Because GeoCities is gone, but not forgotten


Jason in Marietta calls out a bridge comment

Tony on Net Neutrality

Joe with a way to get around Amazon’s scheme


Hey crue’de’buzz,

I think SoCal or Stanford has an open source 3D printer that only costs around 2K. Aside from the fact that you can swap out the printing medium with cake icing, the coolest part is their goal of making the entire printer printable. If one of the parts is about to break, print a new one! If you’re annoyed with all your friends boggarting your printer, print them one. I think they have about 30% of the parts printable already, and they’re currently trying to replace the few metal parts with printable plastic. Now all we have to do is eagerly await the monopolization of the “periodic feed.”

John Smolik

Austin, Tx.

Hey BOL crew,

Just responding to the email in episode 1095 about using the twitter peek to stay in contact with your kids. While I love the idea of a device with “lifetime” service and no contracts, I’m not a fan of single purpose devices. However, I can see where this person is coming from as my son is at the age where a simple text device would be handy and I hardly ever use the phone myself when I can avoid it, so why bother with another cellular plan?

So I did a little looking around and found a company called Qwert ( ) that sells very inexpensive text only plans, no contract, and does not require you to buy a device, they mail you a sim card!

Considering my (jailbroken) Gen 1 iPhone is getting on in years and I have been contemplating an upgrade for a while, I decided to pass it on to my son with service from Qwert. It works great and he sure appreciates the “extra” features of playing music and games.

James in Milwaukee

After The Credits[]

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