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1095 - The Phrase that Pays from Amazon
Thursday, October 29, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Natali del Conte & Brian Cooley
Jason Howell

Amazon's trying to compete with PayPal with a new service that brings one-click shopping into the rest of the non-Amazon world. We also kick around a rumor of Netflix coming to the Wii and discuss Google and Yahoo music searches. Oh, and then Cooley and I get deep about business models and copyright. That's near the end, though--if you don't like lectures.

Stories Covered[]

Google music search announced. Still doesn’t work for Tom

Yahoo yells that it’s had it since June

Amazon to take on PayPal with PayPhrase

Confirmed: Netflix streaming coming to the Wii very shortly

Google tells FCC it’s still blocking calls, but fewer of them

Microsoft and Yahoo delay signing search deal

NBA brings League Pass to iPhone, Android; out-of-market package runs $40

Twitter users warned about new phishing attack

Xerox claims printable electronics breakthrough

40th anniversary of Internet working without a crash


Joe about LSU and Gmail

Sloan on his experience in Gmail

RogueTess on the Slate name


Hey Buzzers,

I just read a rather startling article on Slashdot. The article says that amazon has patented a new ‘invention’ that will replace words in all kinds of text documents(book, reviews, etc) with synonyms in an effort to track pirating. As an author I find this very disturbing, I don’t want amazon to go changing my hard work just so they can track piracy. So my question to you is, is this for real and am I understanding it right. Please advise.

Future best selling author,


P.S. Keep up the great work.

BOL folks:

My son is approaching the age where a cell phone may come in handy for communicating and coordinating activities. Things like “Running 10 minutes late.” “Meet me at Field 3 after soccer practice.” I’ve been looking for a cheap and light texting-only device. Perhaps the TwitterPeek can do that? Hmmm.

Keep on buzzing,


Holiday Help Desk

November 23 - December 23


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More details to follow!

After The Credits[]

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