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1087 - Google's leaky cloud
Monday, October 19, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Brian Tong
Jason Howell

Have a Google Voicemail account? Have some voicemails in there? I may have listened to them today! Thanks to some leaks in the Google cloud (rain?) it seems some folks voicemails are searchable on Google. Glad that eye appointment went well! Also Verizon and Motorola are bringing it to the iPhone. But will Verizon have to make a switch next year if the rumors are true?

Stories Covered[]

Verizon’s anti-iPhone gets its first commercial: ‘Droid Does’

Google Voice voicemails appearing in public search results

Facebook and Twitter Founders Join Net-Neutrality Wars

Telcos and Hollywood ask Canadian govt for right to secretly install spyware, listen in on your network connection

Wolfram Alpha iPhone app is cool but overpriced

Plastic Logic Shows Off a (Quick) Look at its Kindle Killer: Meet the Que

Barnes & Noble gets FCC nod for e-reader

New camera promises to capture your whole life

MIT Researchers Develop Autonomous Indoor Robocopter

VASIMR Ion Engine Could Cut Mars Trip To 39 Days


Hey Guys,

I thought you might want to know that Best Buy is getting into the highly profitable used games market here in Canada. I went yesterday (Oct 17) and they had a whole shelf including several major releases from the last 6 months or so. Discounts were not deep, somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-10 less compared to a brand new disc. Looks like Best Buy is trying to eat EB Games’ lunch.

Love the Show,

Kevin the Psychiatrist

Kingston, ON, Canada

I first found a Vook in the iPhone app store from my iPhone … having just heard Tom’s desire for some innovative new approach to books … I forwarded the link to that so ya’ll could check it out … here is another link in this regard

I really don’t think the type of phone matters to people who use prepaid plans. We all don’t live in a big city with the greatest 3G access and wonderful plans. I love new technology but can’t afford it currently with kids and other expenses. Also people have no idea what 3G access is because we can’t get it. I currently have one ATT phone for my family that is 46 dollars a month (that locks me into a two year contract) and use magic jack for cheap landline. The ATT plan gives me no Text message, no Data, and 450 minutes only. I think this Wal-Mart plan sounds great for us “dumb people” that don’t have the luxury of the big fancy city. What matters to us is how good the phone service is and I am not sure how good Wal-Marts(I know Wal-Mart doesn’t do the service) phones service will be?


Jeff from OHIO

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