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1083 - MP3 is a lie
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell

Yes, Nokia launched a new Netbook, and yes, Twitter fought the law and won. But it wasn't until the end of today's show that we finally get to the bottom of a long-running controversy: MP3s don't do what they promise. Jason and Brian explain why.

Stories Covered[]

Nokia launches a Netbook

Power of Twitter overturns court injunction

Latest on Sidekick outage — will some data actually return?

T-Mobile Danger data loss follow up…sabotage?

Apple acknowledges Snow Leopard data loss issue

First GSM Palm Pre now on sale in Germany, with new Euro-specific apps in tow

Firefox 3.6 will work with accelerometers

Control your car with your iPhone, leave the keyfob at home

Sir Tim Berners-Lee looks back: the “//” in Web addresses was unnecessary

Electroscalpel detects and removes cancer


Anonymous on good news from yesterday;jsessionid=FSBZCA2NWGLAHQE1GHOSKHWATMY32JVN


Just listened to 1082 and wanted to comment on the lack of love for the Sony PSP. Don’t get me wrong, Sony has made some crucial errors in the PSP department, but getting rid of the UMD I don’t think is one of them. My albums won’t play in my CD player, so I had to re-buy lots of them, and Apple has thrown out its optical drive every chance it gets. Plus Sony didn’t stop selling the 3000, so if you want a PSP with the UMD you can still purchase one.

Love the show,

Gavin – the TV tech from West Chester PA

P.S. I listen to BOL on my Blackberry 8330 because I can download it OTA at anytime while I check email, surf the web, check facebook, and tweet… All at the same time. So glad my phone can multi-task :)

Hey Buzz Crew!

I thought you might find it intresting that is selling both Mp3 and FLAC versions of U2 albums, the only problem is that the FLAC versions are $11.99 for an album while the MP3 version is $9.99.

Just thoguht you might find that cool a mainstream artist is selling their stuff in lossless download form.

The show is pretty cool, and I guess I kind of love it.

-Jack in TN

After The Credits[]

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