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1080 - Blow up the Moon
Thursday, October 8, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Nicole Lee
Jason Howell

NASA is sending a rocket into the Moon Friday morning in order to study the composition of lunar material. But really, you stopped listening when you heard 'blow up the Moon.' Adn so did Cooley. Which for one small second, made him love space. We also talk about the world's largest Phishing sting and Windows 8. Yep. 8.

Stories Covered[]

Operation “Phish Phry” nabs largest number of phishers ever.

Wife bans FBI head from online banking

Study: Windows 7 doesn’t boot faster

Walt falls in love with Windows 7

Microsoft mulling 128-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 9

Intel’s Light Peak optical links could arrive in 2010

Why ad-blockers, ad-skippers and other user-control technologies are legal

Handheld FLO TV due for this holiday season

Nissan’s Land Glider concept car leans like a motorcycle, looks like a squashed GT-R

IBM’s ultra-cheap DNA Transistor dream could lead to personalized medicines, confusion

New report warns of dangers of trashy avatars

How to Watch the Moon Bombing In Real Time


Jose from Jackson on passwords

Anonymous has more to say on passwords


BOL Team,

SOX compliance is much more reliant on the processes and requirements you place on yourself and then audit against. Ultimately a Google Docs implementation might be non-compliant in one organization and compliant in another. You can be compliant with SOX regulations while using cloud environments.

Russell Johnson

Austin, TX

Hey Buzz-Crew,

Did a personal un-boxing of my Windows 7 party pack. If you wanted to check out some pictures of the items included here is a link:

Please don’t post the site in the show notes, not sure I have the bandwidth to support the hits.

A bit lower quality than I had hoped, but can’t argue with free. Napkins are bland, balloons are plain, not even Windows 7 branded, somewhat surprising.

-ShaneB in the chatroom

I listen to BOL every day on my BlackBerry Bold….

Show some respect to the still #1 smartphone on the market. ;-)

Ryan from Vancouver

Hey Buzz Crew,

I just wanted to point out that the new international Kindle 2 would be launched in over 100 countries. So pretty much everywhere except Canada. Honestly, are we really that hard to deal with? Or is it just that Amazon Canada seems to be permanently caged into it’s infant stage? Either way, if you live in Burundi in Africa, you can have a kindle. If you live in Cambodia, have a Kindle. Canada? No Kindle for you. If Sony wasn’t the evil empire, I would have a Sony Reader by now.


Dion from Vancouver BC

After The Credits[]

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