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1079 - Bing's still pooping his diapers
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell
Gary Shapiro CEO of [the Consumer Electronics Association]

There's a little panic over the fact that Bing's market share dropped last month, but you have to remember, folks, Bing is young. Rafe puts it in perspective for us. Also, Kindle gets a price cut and goes worldwide, yo. That's big. What is also big is the keylogger network that's hijacking everyone's Web mail accounts. We can help you out with that, a bit.

Stories Covered[]

Another Kindle price cut…and it goes wireless internationally

AT&T to allow VoIP iPhone apps on 3G network

Huge Web mail phishing scam spreading fast

Australian ISP in court for not disconnecting users

Court rules for software ownership over licensing

HitWise says Microsoft Bing fell 0.5 percent to Google’s gain

DoubleTwist unveils an alternative to the iTunes music store, powered by Amazon MP3

E.U. approves test of Windows 7 ‘Browser Ballot’,2817,2353906,00.asp

Fans come together to complete "Star Wars Uncut"

“Apps for Innovation” Developer Contest


Rick on Vonage

Stewart on gas masks


Hey Buzz-Crew,

In ep 1077 you asked for a CIO/CTO to weigh in on the IBM Inotes vs Goolge Docs hypothetical prize fight for our hypothetical business. While I am not of that stature at my company I do sit right outside the out CIO’s office so I wrestled him down, duct taped him to his chair and made him answer this very question!

Okay, well not really that first part but he did answer and here is what he said:

“We actually looked at Google Docs for cost reduction and there is no way we could use it. With all the customer data that we have and the nature of our business (not to mention internal systems) having something in the cloud would be much to risky. Cloud stuff just isn’t reliable enough for us to even consider using it. Not only that but there was no way that Legal would let us (not to mention that it didn’t clear SOX compliance). And let us not forget about our ‘wonderful’ users. The learning curve that they would have to deal with might just break them.”

So there you have it. The argument against clouds at my company are (1) Reliability, (2) Legal / SOX issues and (3) Inept users.

Love the show,

M, The overweight I.T. Ninja

P.S.- Sorry for the anonymity but I’m just covering my bacon (if you know what I mean).

Hey, Buzz crew,

With all the discussion about mobile OS platforms and developers in yesterday’s show (episode 1078), I’m surprised you didn’t mention the announcement Adobe made on Monday about how they’re going to enable Flash developers to code apps in Flash that can then be converted into native iPhone apps. Technical merits aside, it’s an interesting move by Adobe to keep Flash application and game developers from abandoning Flash to take a swing at developing apps solely for the iPhone, and you have to wonder if Apple is somewhat annoyed that five iPhone apps created with this technique made it into the app store.

–Brian from Bowie, MD

Hey Buzz Crew,

I am listening to Episode 1076, (I’m a bit behind) and upon hearing Tom’s dreams of “Tenspeed and Brownshoe” being streamed online, I ran over to Google to find out what in the world he was talking about. So of course, I wound up at IMDB reading up on the subject, how mundane right? Why would I be emailing to tell you this? Well, I noticed at the top of their page, a popularity ranking, and had to laugh when I saw that the popularity of the series went up 34% this week. Glad I wasn’t the only one left wondering “wtf?” after that comment!

Love the show!

Patrick Sullivan

Augusta, GA

Hey guys,

I’m a couple episodes behind, so you may have already talked about this but: things just got real with Palm

What better way to compete with the iTunes app store than to lower the barrier of entry for open source apps and decentralize the distribution of free apps.

Jake (the computer science student in Grand Rapids)

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