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1078 - Smokinger gun
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell

Viacom may have found a smoking gun in its billion-dollar case against YouTube, but on the other hand, we speculate YouTube may have a smokinger gun. Also the FTC wants you to disclose all that money you've been paid to blog about cleaning products. Or whatever. Even if you just posted on Facebook. You need to make yourself aware of these rules.

Stories Covered[]

Android handsets to Verizon

Microsoft’s Windows phones hit the market

Smoking gun found in Viacom v. YouTube?

New FTC plugola rules could extend to some users' social network pages

Over-the-air downloads come to BlackBerry

AT&T pushes Opera for full HTML on more phones

Eolas sues, well, everybody.

Federal ban on DWT will start with truckers, end with you

Startup offers prebuilt biological parts


Anonymous loves John Rubenstein


Hey BOL,

Not sure if you saw this earlier but it looks like Roger's is losing it's exclusive on the iPhone 3Gs in Canada. Another Cell Phone company, Telus, is starting to sell the device in November.

What is interesting here is with the 3 major Cell phone providers in Canada, Rogers, Telus and Bell, only Rogers has been 3G and GSM based. The other two were previously CDMA and EVDO based. Looks like they are rolling over to 3G technology sooner than anticipated.

Here is a link

Love the show

Stephen Kennedy

Calgary Alberta, Canada

Hey all,

OK, what bothers me always about saying 4k is this. We have 1080p, which refers to horizontal lines. 4k refers to the vertical lines. Apples versus oranges.

1920×1080 (2,073,600) versus 4096◊2304 ((9,437,184) Shooting quality of the Red One camera)

It’s just said, maybe, to make it sound 4 times better than 1080p. Which, at least, is true, since it’s 4.55x the number of pixels. But, 720p set makers should start calling them 1280 sets, and they can start selling them for more than a 1080p set. Imagine the profit margins! Maybe 1080p set makers will update to start saying they are 2k sets and charge more, for no change.

OK, sorry for the sarcasm, but 4k always annoys me.


Hey Buzz Crew!

In episode 1075, you talked more about OnLive's upcoming gaming service, which will let you play games "in the cloud" using your web browser as a thin client. According to their FAQ (, you'll need a 1.5Mbps connection for standard def (5Mbps for high def) and a "small browser plug-in." Not quite the magic technology that Tom had in mind, but still really cool.

We've got something similar--online right now, and needing a lot less bandwidth--for scientific computing. We've used the open source VNC (virtual network computing) software to create a web site where nanotechnology researchers can access more than 150 live simulation tools via their web browser. Instead of playing games, they're computing electronic properties of quantum dots and designing transistors made of carbon nanotubes. You can too! Just log on to . We're using the same software platform to create similar sites for many other areas of science and engineering, including cancer care, pharmaceutical engineering, and microelectromechanical systems. More details at .

Here's to a wired future spent worshiping our nano-botic overlords!

Michael, the research "hub" guy

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

P.S. If you want to see nanoHUB in action without getting an account, watch this video on YouTube: You'll see the simulation tools about 1 min in.

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