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1077 - Analysts: Cyberproving the obvious
Monday, October 5, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood
Jason Howell

An analyst from Morgan Stanley asserts that Apple would sell more iPhones if it offered the phone on more carriers. Really? Wow. We also have an example of a church leader misusing the prefix "cyber." But that's not as crazy as IBM taking on Google. Or is it?

Stories Covered[]

Adobe pushes Flash video on mobile devices

Vonage app available for iPhone, BlackBerry

Marketplace is live on Windows Mobile 6.5 phones

Windows 7 to usher in crush of cheap laptops

Hidden fees discovered for “free” Windows 7 upgrade

IBM takes on Google with new Webmail, calendaring solution

Palm ignores USB group's warning, restores iTunes sync

Will books be Napsterized?

Apple could sell more iPhones by ending exclusive AT&T deal, analyst says

A CNET Conversation with Steve Ballmer


Dwight the key grip on mesh nets and 4K shooting


Hi Folks

I thought I’d share this example of Apple’s ever-reaching IP protection policies. Just as background, Woolworths is Australia’s largest retailer (80% of supermarket business goes through two companies here) and they have interests in electronics, hardware and liquor. This news made front page! I recall Fake Steve Jobs writing that Microsoft is like the Borg. I guess this suggests that perhaps Apple isn’t too far different.

Love the show!


Hey guys, in regards to episode #1076 and the rant about the ‘cyber-’ prefix, I just wanted to throw this in. I’m LDS , and as I was listening to General Conference today (when the church leaders speak and church members worldwide tune in via TV, internet, radio, and satellite broadcasts), one of the speakers (they are almost all older men) mentioned ‘cybertechnology’. I thought ‘what??’

Anyway, I love ya, keep it going.

Hilton, from Layton Utah.

Buzz Crew,

Great show!

You read an email on your October 1 show from James the Field Engineer about Star Trek Props. I worked in pumps/irrigation sales for a couple of years, and found that Infiltrator -brand effluent-irrigation chambers are used very, very heavily in TNG, DS9 and Voyager series. They are used as wall support structures and decorations on walls in many diverse sets. As a guy who worked with the stuff every day, it became very distracting to see it in reruns. But it was clever, I’ll give ‘em that.

Also, in about every third episode, an away team would land on a planet, and in the settlement on that planet would be the same, identical trussed lighting-support structure (like for stadium lights, just lighter duty) right in the middle of the village. It would always go up past the camera frame and, presumably, be holding the set lights. But they made it look like it was the aliens’ normal technology. For every alien culture ever.

You won’t possibly care about this enough to read it on air, but Tom might get a kick out of it if he recognizes the Infiltrator linked stuff in various sizes on old STTNG reruns.

Scotty, Mechanical Engineer, Cupertino

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