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1075 - One laptop per felon
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell

Or perhaps we should call it OLPC. One laptop per criminal. The idea of letting prisoners use computers is good, but fraught with peril. Also, we start a new PSA campaign where Billy learns that e-mail can be dangerous. And that's one to grow on.

Stories Covered[]

PSP Go arrives, Sony launches 100 games

Google Wave First Look

Google Wave invites for sale on eBay

Nvidia’s Fermi takes direct aim at supercomputing, Intel

OTOY’s Jules Urbach: Cloud computing ‘threatens’ game consoles, Blu-ray, PCs

Google releases Android 1.6; Palm unleashes WebOS 1.2

Apple and Google breaking up over iPhone maps?

Twitter to launch user-created Follow Lists

U.S. urges ‘cyber hygiene’ effort

Wireless network modded to see through walls

Convicted hacker left in charge of prison computer system


Ian about Onlive on Uverse

Keith in Georgia wonders how ATT has enough bandwidth to make us of OnLive


Hey BOL,

In episode 1072 you played RougeTess’s voicemail regarding PayPal security using the keychain security key. I jumped on the bandwagon early, and have had one since they were introduced.

I hate to say it, but this cool little gizmo does not provide as much security as it seems at first glance. Sometime between when I got mine almost two years ago and now, PayPal totally neutered the functionality by providing a “I don’t have it with me” bypass link, where you can supply your credit card number, checking account number, or *gasp*, answer a traditional pre-defined security question.

Yes, it’s better than username/password alone, but it’s not as good as it used to be or could be. And it’s definitely not true second-factor authentication.

–Brad in Victorville

Hey BOLers,

James the field engineer from Michigan. In episode 1074 you mentioned seeing modern day tech in the new Star Trek movie. Well I embarrassed my wife and impressed my twelve year old when I saw two of the above Symbol M2004 hand scanners on the bridge of the Enterprise! My son was even more impressed when I showed him one I keep as a spare in my service truck. Now we just use them to ring up customers at our chain of gas stations but I guess in the “future” you’ll be able to fly a starship with them, my son can’t wait. Love the show.


Hey Buzz Out Loud Crew,

I just wanted to send you a short message. I am a Palm Pre user, and I first started listening to your show when I downloaded a Homebrew app called drPodder. It monitors the RSS feeds for lots of podcasts and can be set to auto-download and queue up podcasts for later listening. One of the default podcasts for this application happens to be your show. This is what got me hooked on your show, and probably did the same to a number of other Palm Pre users.

Thanks for carrying news regarding the Palm Pre, I love hearing the occasional blurb about technology I use. Love the show, please keep up the good work!


Darin Boots

After The Credits[]

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