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1074 - Forget the tablet, let's hype the Courier
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman & Brian Tong
Jason Howell

While the Apple Tablet is much more fashionable to hype, the Microsoft Courier turns out to be very hype-worthy. We also find out, once again, that Rafe knows where he works. And the U.S. has relaxed its grip on the Internet. Good thing? Bad thing? Irrelevant thing? Or over-hyped thing like an Apple tablet?

Stories Covered[]

Everything we know about Apple’s touch-screen tablet

Microsoft’s Courier tablet details emerge

U.S. relaxes grip on the Internet

Internet overtakes television to become biggest advertising sector in the U.K.

Misfired e-mail was never viewed by Gmail user

Sources: ‘Light Peak’ technology not Apple idea

OnLive raises big round from AT&T and others for on-demand gaming

Verizon CTO argues for metered pricing

Microsoft’s top executives get a paycut

Microsoft says automated ‘Fix it’ is working

Video screen enters record books


Jeff from Arkansas solves the manual in cars problem


The bigger unreported piece of Google creating a Google Docs for students is the development of college students using their technolgy. If google is going to get a larger share of the marketplace over Microsoft Office, they will need to develop future workers who demand to use their software.

This is a major of the reason behind software companies offering steep discounts for college students to purchase their software. If you only know how to do something with their software, you will be more likely to purchase or request your business to purchase the software program in your future place of employment.


Hey bol,

On Friday you open your show and spend the first five minute on how Palm is in trouble because Verizon wasn’t going to carry the Pre.

Well, according to a Verizon VP they still are, and according to the Register, maybe even an updated Pre.

So how about an update on BOL? I guess 3 days later is all we can hope for, after all its not like an apple tablet rumors hasn’t been talked to death.


This is Chip The Mech. Engineer. On Episode 1073 you were talking about the new Garmin phone and you kept comparing it to the iPhone with the $100 Tom Tom app. I just want to tell you that my Palm PRE has turn by turn directions that you get with the data package and I just drove from Virginia to Louisville, KY and it worked great and even warned me about road construction and detoured me around it.

You guys are great.

Love the show.

Chip Forget the tablet, let’s hype the Courier

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