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1072 - Mustache-twirling jerks at AT&T
Monday, September 28, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Brian Tong
Jason Howell

As AT&T tries to accuse Google of violating net neutrality, Molly wonders if they really just want to be seen as a villain. Also while you should never call anything unhackable, the netbooks being given to students in Australia are pretty tight. Physical-layer BIOS protection is unusual in an educational situation like that. And we also get a little frustrated at people who don't listen. So please. Listen. Thanks.

Stories Covered[]

Orange UK gets iPhone 3GS, O2 loses exclusivity

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Apple Behind Intel’s USB Competitor?

Critics: AT&T griping over Google Voice a “red herring”

Yahoo's New TV Ad: Count The 'Yous'

Music player noise limit planned

AU Government To Build “Unhackable” Netbooks

Ignoring RIAA lawsuits cheaper than going to trial

Porn row pizza workers strike

Send in your questions for Steve Ballmer


RogueTess Extra security for Paypal

Jack Stealing thunder from Microsoft



They should have either (1) an application/PDF document that you can store on your mobile phone or (2) a URL printed inside the glove compartment that you can enter on your phone to view the manual. The latter would be better in general (because who remembers to download the documentation *before* you have problems), but the former would be better for areas with poor or no cell phone access, like the San Francisco area.


Props to Nick the biochem grad student for the helpful link regarding Windows 7 for students. I checked it out and all you need is a valid .edu address and $29.99. It’s pre-order right now and they’re allowing downloads on October 22. Now that some of my textbooks cost upwards of $160 (I’m a nursing student) saving $90 on an OS that’ll hopefully save me from the hell I’ve been living in called Vista is quite the boon. Thanks Nick and thanks Microsoft, though I doubt I’ll be having any kind of cuddle party there might be some kind of ritual involving lighter fluid and my Vista disc…

–Derin from Scottsdale

A few episodes ago, you guys talked about wanted AM radio on the Zune HD, and I would agree. I was looking at the teardown of the Zune HD on iFixit, and noticed something interesting. In Step 8, they reveal that the Zune HD has a SiPORT HD Radio chip which just so happens to support AM radio. All Microsoft has to do is turn it on.

Thanks for the great work.


Bangor, ME


I have tried a few times now to locate the bonus material for the show, and have been totally unsuccessful. Could you please clarify where this is located, or put it in the iTunes feed?


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