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1071 - Falling off the hype cycle
Friday, September 25, 2009
Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman & Brian Tong
Jason Howell

Twitter trades hype for a huge cash infusion, Windows 7 attempts to create hype with a spectacularly awfsome video, and we cover all the hype falling out of the Demo conference. Speaking of falling, Honda's new Segway-style unicycle looks amazingly easy to fall off of.

Stories Covered[]

Report: No Palm Pre for Verizon Wireless

Twitter Appears Set to Raise $100 Million, Valuing It at $1 Billion

Microsoft plays the security card in response to Google’s Chrome Frame

Windows 7 PCs to go on sale early

New Phoenix BIOS Starts Windows 7 Boot In 1 Second

Intel’s Moblin 2.1 to compete with Windows

Google Ordered To Shut Down Gmail Account Of User Who Received Unsolicited Banking Info

Demo’s best launches (compare to TechCrunch?)

Experiences with Fitbit?

Robot fish swims by doing the wave

Honda’s one-wheel Segway


They have a video now, thought you would want to see how bad it is.

Jeff Price

Hi Buzz Crew,

I have a small annoyance about to share with you and your listeners. I went to today in an attempt to purchase High on Arrival, the memoir by Mackenzie Phillips. I was going to order the Kindle version, but I discovered that the Kindle version was the exact same price as the hardcover, $14.29.

When I saw that the price was the same, I was extremely annoyed. “Low Book Prices” is listed as a selling point on the Kindle home page, and yet, here is an example where it makes absolutely no sense to buy the e-book. Why would I buy the e-book for the exact same cost as the hardcover? I might as well just buy the hardcover and have the ability to loan it out or sell it later.

I guess the publishers still don’t get it.

Joe AKA dOgBOi

I read over the article in your show notes, and that article (and each article I’ve read in addition) has said:

3,012 Netflix DVDs, worth about $36,471

No idea where the 30k number came from, and how it has endured, but might be worth a mention. So what’s that, 10 DVDs a day? Much more reasonable than 100 per day.

Ted the Engineer

Dear Buzzards,

In episode 1069 you were talking about Picasa’s new facial recognition feature. After installing and scanning for 24 hours, it had gone through processing my photos for faces. How good is it? Pretty dang good.

My wife is an identical twin (yes, I can tell them apart). They have a lot of pictures of eachother. I tagged a couple of each of their faces, and it was 99% accurate for twin-recognition out of a about 200 photos (even when they have the same style glasses).

Insert obligatory “love the show”,

Josh Des Moines, Iowa

After The Credits[]

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