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1064 - Urine in the sky with diamonds
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman & Molly Wood
Jason Howell

That beautiful silvery comet you saw in the sky recently was actually astronaut urine. No joke. We also avoid talking about pee for most of the show. Bing is still on the rise and Facebook is making money. Wow. Things are looking up all over. Just be careful when you look up. There's astronaut pee up there.

Stories Covered[]

Facebook grows and makes money

Bing grabs 10 percent of search market

France passes harsh anti-P2P three-strikes law (again)

New Android SDK adds support for CDMA phones, text-to-speech

Chrome 3 out, JavaScript performance increased 150 percent since v1

Kindle edition of Dan Brown’s new book outselling hardcover

“Right To Repair” bill advances in Massachusetts

Are ESL bulbs better than CFL or LED?

Mystery explained: glow in night sky was astronaut urine

First rocky exoplanet confirmed


Chris from Staples on Windows XP

James from Irvine on drinks in a podcast


I’ll get it out of the way first, Love the show!!!

in episode 1063, a voice mailer lamented about Steve Dahl not being on ‘the air’ any more. Here is a link to his daily podcast…. Thanks for a great indeterminate time each day!

– Tim

Hey Buzzcrew,

I thought you might find this news from Canada interesting. Rogers, one of the biggest carriers in the country is upgrading their network to a 21 Mbps HSPA network. It went live in the major cities up here on the 14th.


Andrew (from Toronto)

Hi Buzz crew,

Andrew from Australia here. I had an interesting conversation with my teenage daughter and her friend yesterday about the number of incidents where they walk into an object or pole while texting. It got me thinking – what if a phone had a proximity sensor similar to a rear parking sensor on your car? That way if you were texting and walking you could be warned by vibration or beeps if you are about to walk into something? What do you think – the next great thing or useless tech?



After The Credits[]

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