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1061 - It all started with a pumpkin scone
Friday, September 11, 2009
Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell

Natali has an internal Twitter dialogue about whether to let the world know that the last pumpkin scone has been sold. The Zune HD will only be available in the US, and Facebook launches a lite version of the site sans apps.

Stories Covered[]

Official Motorola Cliq info;_ylt=AtiLEMcPF37qHxWFB3oK1aR0fNdF

Microsoft employees: Don’t take a picture of Ballmer with an iPhone

Facebook Lite launches in US

Facebook launches send photo as fax service. JK LOL

Twitter tweaks TOS

It’s official: no plans to sell Zune HD outside the US (thanks @virgiliocorrado!)

Google will share e-books with competitors

Time to launch its own e-reader

New list of cell phones with high radiation from Environmental Working Group

Rocket test in Utah went well

Courtney Love wants to sue Guitar Hero over Cobain representation


Chris in Atlanta – why I still want the iPod Classic


Podcast categories in iTunes

I just use search, it does a pretty good job. I searched “Triathlon” for kicks and got a full page of podcasts, refine the search “triathlon training” and it drilled down. “Triathlon tips” got different results. Works for me.

People want things better and different, but don’t like change.:-)


Hey Buzz crew,

You discussed on episode 1060 regarding Google checkout getting involved with paying for newspaper articles on the web. Tom discussed making it as simple as the Apps store, and figuring .02 would be ok, and not seeing how it could possibly added up without our knowing. Another solution to this problem could possibly be paying for points, just like XBOX does to pay for downloadable content. How many Rockband songs have you added, without even giving thought to how much money you have actually spent on the game. This would keep you logged in, and to read the rest of this story it would require ‘x’ points, and if you don’t have the points available, your redirected to a site to add points.

Just a thought, the show is AWESOME! Thank

After The Credits[]

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