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1060 - PigeonNet beats DSL in South Africa
Thursday, September 10, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell

A 4 GB file can traverse 60 miles in 2 hours by pigeonnet but that only gets you 4% of the file over the South African Internet. We also keep you up to date on new Android phones from Motorola as well as open source map info from TomTom.

Stories Covered[]

Motorola’s Android phone at Mobilize

Obligatory Apple recap

With iTunes 9, Apple again disables Palm Pre sync

Verizon makes the HTC Touch Pro2 official; September 11th, $199.99

Sprint to launch unlimited cell-to-cell calling, regardless of network

Google to push micropayments for newspapers

…but they might want to get Google Checkout right, first

TomTom Announces an Open Source GPS Technology

Cryptographic Tools To Keep You Hidden On Facebook

A few songs a day keep the doctor away

Pigeon beats South African DSL

BOL in 3D!


Bob from DC about new podcasts in iTunes

Josh in SLC about Utah broadband


Hay Buzz Crew

In regards to the Comcast 100MBs service

In Brooklyn, NY Cablevision is offering a similar service for $79.99 a month it's called Optimum ULTRA @ 101MBs

Its sweet except for the $300 installation charge but I'll eat a onetime charge rather than a progressive $300 bill.

Thank You

Matthew C

Hey Buzz crew,

As I was installing the new version of iTunes today (version 9.0), I saw something interesting. I had to accept a new EULA (which usually happens), but this time, they had a summary of the important changes over the actual legalese. This appears to be an easy way to get around the fight between a EULA that the lawyers want and one that we can understand. The only issue: you have to trust the company (in this case, Apple), that they are doing a fair job summarizing the changes. :-)

Love the show!

Andy the biological engineering grad student from Utah

hey buzzards!

you mentioned how 3D TV is being used to prevent piracy and how it will eventually circumvented.

yes, that’s true… but it would still essentially eliminate the distribution of cam and telesync copies of films still in theaters as cammers wont be able to record films in this fashion. you wouldnt even be able to film a 3D image with a 3D camera for obvious reasons (unless it were some kind of crosseyed lens setup to somehow pinch the alternating perspectives into a single image, a la “magic eye” stereoscopic images. just kidding).

pirates wouldnt be able to release anything until a screener is able to be ripped at the very least, therefore putting more reluctant viewers into the theaters if they just cant wait for it.

just another point of view.

(obligatory) love the show!


After The Credits[]

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