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1059 - Nano Goes retro with FM radio
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell

Apple announcements were a little mundane. The One More Thing was an iPod Nano with a camera. We were more impressed with the fact that they added an FM radio. But really that's the No. 2 story. The Palm Pixi caught our eye for top billing. Should it catch yours?

Stories Covered[]

New WebOS phone comes to Sprint: The Pixi (formerly Eos)

Apple announces something or other

The Beatles finally coming to iTunes, according to Yoko Ono (update: According to EMI, not tomorrow)

Intel brings Nehalem to the desktop

AT&T Snubs New York and San Francisco on 3G upgrades

Comcast to offer 100Mbps service to businesses

The coming problems for rolling out 3D TV

Say no to the super-sized TV, EPA hints

Why motivation is key for artificial intelligence

Exoskeletons for rent in Japan


Richard in Santa Monica guy wants the love


Hey Buzz Crew-

I was at Wal-Mart last night when I saw a couple of movies that I wanted to add to my Netflix queue, so I pulled out my HTC Touch Windows Mobile phone (which I haven't been real impressed with by the way) and added the movies to my queue using Netflix's mobile site. On my way home I was thinking...what if Netflix came out with an app that allowed you to use your phone to scan the barcode of a movie while in a store to add it to your queue? Love the show as always!

Big Bear Outlet Team

Hey guys,

I decided to test out querying for the term ’search’ to see altavista pop up in google as no.1 like brian mentioned in yesterdays podcast. (I used to like altavista also), but waddayaknow!!! Bing is actually the no. 1 result, followed by altavista!

Is there any reason why google hasn’t put as a search hit on the list when looking for the term ’search’ anyway?


Hi Buzz Crew,

You are making so much fun of the idea of Windows 7 installation parties. Well actually... this kind of parties are VERY popular and called: install fest (just type into Google). What you will see is a LOT of Linux install fest parties :) Microsoft communities also organize install fests. Usually they take place in some bar/pub where you sit with a bunch of geek friends and install a new release of some product. And after that you sum up the finished installations, unfinished once, also there are some disasters like a burned laptop etc. ;) So to finish this email - the idea is not new, not only MS does it but a lot of user communities :)

Thomas the programmer from Poland

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