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Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell

3D TV? Augmented reality in your contacts? The world is getting awesome. Unless you have an Xbox 360. But it's birthday season too. fourty years ago today, the first bits were sent over the nascent Internet. One year ago today, Google gave out comic books to announce Google Chrome.

Stories Covered[]

Happy 40th birthday, Internet‘

Google Chrome turns one

Gmail outage causes sky to burn, rivers to run with blood

Hot Coffee finally cools off with $20 million settlement

Xbox 360 'Least Reliable' Console

PS3-compatible phone coming in October

Sony to throw its weight behind 3D TV

Build your wwn $2.8M petabyte disk array for $117K

Study: Smartphones to slay personal navigators

Augmented Reality in a contact lens


Daniel on all caps


When trying to fix a video problem with a doc cam at a school, I found this helpful troubleshooting page from the manufacturer. Check out the solutions under video problems. “Ask a student who plays video games to hook it up for you.” SERIOUSLY?!?!

From this troubleshooting page from the manufacturer:

Susan the VA school tech

Yeah, sorry about the audio quality of the call. I was on the road and my bluetooth device is kinda lame. I’d be so much easier if I could just hold the thing to my ear, but apparently that’s distracting.

Anyway, the software is called Cylay:

It allows a user to remote lock, send messages to the phone, set off an alarm, locate it on a google map, backup via their servers or google, remote wipe, SMS forward and prevent poweroff if lost/stolen. It cost me $20 a year and it’s awesome. The only draw back is that you have to have a Jailbroken iPhone to make it work, but there are millions of reasons you should jailbreak anyway, so this will just add another one to the list.


-Jesse San Francisco

Hey Buzzcrew

will from Ventura

i think i have an answer to the netbook name issue

I am taking a computer class at the local comunity college to suplement my highschool education, and my class is studying moble computing at the moment. My professer calls netbooks “Sub-notebooks” i think that is the PERFECT word to describe them seeing as there is no geting aroind they fact thats what they are. (also i hate marketing buzzwords, i mean just call it search and be done)

and molly the word you where looking for a few days ago is iKwanDo

May your blade never dull!

PS sorry for the awful typing/spelling but my computer does not work at the moment and i am forced to use my iPhone

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