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1054 - Violating terms of service is not a crime
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell
Colleen (TWiT Producer)

A judge has determined that violating terms of service is bad, but it's not tantamount to unauthorized access of a computer system. Good news for jailbreakers and hackintosh perpetrators. Also Opera 10 is out. I know. I know. But some of you really do care.

Stories Covered[]

Confirmed: eBay has a deal to sell Skype

TOS violations not a crime in teen suicide case

Opera 10 faster with new features

Sony to ship Vaios with Chrome installed,1000000567,10013661o-2000331777b,00.htm

IE tumbles, Firefox regains market share mojo

Windows phones are coming on October 6

Qualcomm forbidden to use “smartbook” by order of German court

TomTom’s new direction takes shape: Deal with Fiat

Internet’s first domain name registered sold

Woman fired for using uppercase in e-mail


James the field engineer on how cops can check texting

Jesse from San Francisco on a better way to protect iPhone


A friend whose spouse works warranty repairs for a large electronics retail outlet, some say the BEST retail electronics outlet, that does warranty repairs for Apple products reports the receipt of a repair manual for an Apple tablet! The look is similar to the one on Gizmodo The spouse reports it is 10 inches and runs OS X with a Cocoa layer on top like the iPod. Check your own sources at your local BIG retail store to confirm this.

Stephen B. Swan

Retired Guy

Cameron from Buena Vista, Virginia

I was watching episode 1053 and when I saw the dancing iPod girl I noticed that she was dangerously off balance. She wasn’t dancing, she was falling! Then new ipod whatever must have some sort of life alert built in to it. Apple is obviously trying to make in-roads into the highly desirable geriatric market segment.

Anyways, just a thought :-)

The show is alright… Just kidding- LOVE… the… show…

Cameron Berry

Yo Bolers,

I’m the kind of guy who gives credit where it’s due, and this time, I gotta give credit to Jason for his post-podcast reminder to visit CNET Live and see the web exclusive video. A) I really like the reminder part and B) that was buy far the funniest 6 minutes of my long BOL career. So thanks Jason, for making my day. Nay, my whole week.

Ben the Industrial Engineer Grad Student from Arkansas

p.s. Love the show

Here is the Tweet from All Songs Considered re: Beatles: Starting my download of the Beatles Catalog. (protected site ) public release 9/9/09

– Vance

After The Credits[]

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