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1048 - Is Apple lying to the FCC?
Monday, August 24, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood
Jason Howell

Apple's letter to the FCC makes some pretty incredible claims about what Google Voice does to the iPhone's phone functionality. TechCrunch calls them misleading when they're being nice. To us, they sound like lies. We're also kinda taken with the Nokia laptop. Yes, Nokia is making a laptop. And of course the week of stars kicks off with guest host Patrick Beja.

Stories Covered[]

Apple Answers the FCC's Questions

Apple to ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard Aug. 28

Nokia Enters Netbook Fray with Booklet 3G

Cable Vs. Wireless: Guess Which Is Growing Faster?

Rumor: Walmart catalog lists $100 price cut for Xbox 360 Elite

Looking at the positive in WoW’s BlizzCon announcements

Skank’ blogger talks, sues Google for $15m

Criminals Prefer Firefox, Opera Web Browsers

AT&T to require smartphone data plans

Wal-Mart recalls fiery DVD players

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Jose is going to sue Apple


Hey Buzz Crew,

Of the airplanes that have their own Weather Radar; it is usually located in the nose of the aircraft and only covers about 160 degrees of what is in front of them. They are completely blind about what is behind them. So while you taxi to the runway and wait in line if you are not pointed in your departure direction you are out of luck.

pilot of an airplane with weather radar,



I am a day behind so I just listened to the 1046 episode. You received an e-mail that says that the IEEE membership is $15 I guess USD. As a former IEEE member I know you may be charged from $138 USD to $175 USD as a full member depending on the region of the world you live. As a student you get charged from $27 to $32 for one year and half of that for half a year. Also I searched the IEEE site and the only information I could find was that you can get MS software if you are a student member of the IEEE Computer Society.

From the IEEE Site:

IEEE Student membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in at least 50% of a normal, full-time course of study in an IEEE designated field.

That is why I didn’t renew my membership, I could afford to spend the $138 USD for the 2009 year. Maybe in 2010.

Love the show.

Eduardo Torres

Slmgr.vbs -rearm is typically used when building machines in a lab environment. Typically you use it when you rebuild the machines in your lab.

Also, if you use volume licensing (ie Microsoft KMS and your KMS server isn’t updated to support Windows 7 yet) you might need to extend your expiration date until your KMS admin updates the KMS server’s Volume Licensing Key.

–Michael G apple

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