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1047 - Stab it out
Friday, August 21, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Tong & Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell

Rafe and I get in a fight over Windows 7's loose activation policy. Brian suggests we hug out. Rafe and I seem to prefer stabbing it out. We also take Flickr to task for censoring images and wonder why the Internet addiction center is so expensive.

Stories Covered[]

Windows 7 runs free without activation for 120 days with simple command

Yahoo Deletes Anti-Obama Image From Flickr (YHOO)

Twitter to roll out commercial accounts this year

Facebook Launches a Twitter App

WordPress gets own URL shortener – “sex positive url shortener”

Coalition to challenge Google Books settlement

Microsoft Retail Stores are hiring

First American Internet Addiction Treatment Center

ACP, One of the Oldest Open Source Apps

DARPA 3D reasoning engine to identify urban threats

Vote for Buzz Out Loud at SXSW 2010


Anonymous on how easy it is to install a program in Linux

Patrick in New Hampshire does a word count


Hey Buzz Crew!

I was thinking (dangerous, I know), the other day you guys were talking about URL-Shortening on twitter and how you can’t just allow links to go on forever because then people would go around that by putting all the stuff they need in to an http://blahblahblah :P

So what if…

You had endless links but the actual link text you see is just “link” ?! Crazy right? That way all links become 4 characters! Yes yes, there’ll be security issues, but it won’t be worse than already is I suppose :P

For you html gurus out there, I guess it would look something like:

Here’s the tweet, and here’s the link and the rest of the tweet :P

TADA, problem solved. No more apocalypse from url shorteners dying XD. not from twitter at least ;)

Cheers, Qiming

(Pronounced Ki-Ming)

Love the show :D

All the URL shortening talk and twitter’s 140 character limit nonsense got me thinking: Do you think the wireless carriers will ever officially ditch the 160 limit on SMS, or do they make too much on suckers like me with VZW Blackberries that don’t use EMS and make you send multiple messages if you exceed 160 characters?

Wishfully thinking,

Luke the Pastor

Hey Buzz Crew i just wanted to throw my hat into the ring about the slim. Only the older PS3 Models feature Backwards compatibility. The current models (80gm, 160gb) DO NOT feature the ability to play PS2 Games. Only the launch Models (60gb and 20gb) have the ability.


After The Credits[]

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