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1036 - Twitter Viagra?
Thursday, August 6, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell

So Twitter has had a hard time staying up today because of a denial of service attack. But we think we have the answer. And it's available in many spam emails for order. We also get in a big fat argument about whether News Corp. will win or lose by charging for all their news sites. But we can all agree on Whisky.

Stories Covered[]

Twitter DOS outage today is really becoming a big one.

News Corp. intends to charge for ALL sites

Comcast adopts DNS hijacking, imposes irritating opt-out

WiMax Versus WiMax In Texas Towns

Nissan will sell you their new electric car early — but you have to agree to be monitored.

San Diego to test mobile electric car charger

Sony unveils programmable camera stand

Garmin Nuvifone still very ellusive with launch date

No More Perks: Coffee Shops Pull the Plug on Laptop Users

Ocean “Oyster” sits in seabed, creates hydroelectric power on shore. Odd.


Remy issues a challenge


Here is an interesting new thing happening, 911 texting, right here in Podunk! Now you can send a text message to 911 emergency dispatch in Black Hawk County IOWA There is 1 major catch, it is only available to iWireless customers (the local T Mobile carrier), the 2 other major area cell carriers are still working on it. (USCellular & Sprint)

The dispatchers were given booklets with common text messaging accronyms, it makes for some interesting reading (They are not giving out the booklet to the public yet, because it contains some dirty words in it). Links below for more info.

For the record, there are only three AT&T 3G towers in the state of Iowa, and none in the county.

Local news Story (TV)

Local News Story (TV)

Local Paper

Wikipedia background on cell carrier


in the 4th ward of Buzztown, (down by the bacon plant)

Hi Buzz Crew,

My 2 cents on the ON2 Acquisition by Google -

ON2 is already a component in Adobe Flash (you mentioned in the show flash video as an alternative but actually Flash video supports ON2) so it might be that Google is closing on Microsoft that also own their proprietary video codecs.

Another thing is that ON2 is also used with Skype & ooVoo for video conferencing (I actually selected this codec for ooVoo over H.264 when I worked there) both use ON2’s technology as their video Codec – as it is superior for video conferencing over the internet where low latency, low complexity and high quality are strong requirement (this is very different than a codec for store media where compression doesn’t have to happen in real-time.

BTW: I wonder if this has to do with Google wanting to acquire skype? didn’t you guys talk about there rumors about that a while ago? it might also replace the use of the current technology video Codec Google uses for their chat which is currently “Vidyo”.

Gal S from Newton, MA

Buzz crew,

I wanted to comment on the story about The United States Marine Corps banning social networks. The ban is on accessing social networking sites on government computers connected to the Marine Corps Enterprise Network. The use of facebook, myspace, and even web based email has been blocked for many years on the network. Government computers and internet access are used for research and other resources, but were never intended to be personal communication and entertainment devices for individuals.

Marines can still use their personal computers and commercial internet access in their residence. Services, such as the USO, offer WiFi access and computers for service members to use in many areas overseas. I can’t speak in any official capacity, but this administrative message appears to be simply taking an action that we already practice and making it policy.

I’ve been in the Marine Corps for 18 years, listened to Buzz Out Loud since THE BEGINNING, and watched Natali’s shows since Textra. You are all outstanding journalists and fine Americans. Thanks for my favorite show.

Semper Fidelis,

“Top” North Carolina

P.S. Brian, I appreciate the comments on Woodford Reserve. I tried it and like it, but I prefer my Whisky without the “e.”

- oakie

Hey folks,

I imagine Dr. Karl is also weighing in, but here are my 2 cents (CAD which is almost 2 cents USD....) Growing new neurons to fix this pathway would be exceedingly difficult in the brain, as the brain is part of the central nervous system, and new neuronal growth is inhibited in the CNS by a chemical called NOGO (and about a zillion other processes).

If we could do this (and new CNS growth is not that far away to help spinal injury patients etc) we would have no guarantee that the new pathway would work like it would in a normal population (I am using the word 'normal' in a statistical sense here). You see, you need the nature and the nurture to interact. Indeed, the nature nurture argument is a very simplistic way to look at things. As Donald Hebb (one of the founders of cognitive neuroscience) said "trying to determine how much of a characteristic is due to genes and how much is due to the environment is like trying to determine how much of a field's area is due to its width and how much is due to its length".

Dave (the psychologist)

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