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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell

Donald Bell previewed the Zune HD and it brought him tears of joy. But the rest of us think it's about three years too late. We also debate the need for Google to get into the video codec game and whether you need a pico projector in your camera.

Stories Covered[]

Google acquires On2 video compression company

…and sells off radio automation

Upcoming Xbox 360 Netflix update is still gimped, Microsoft thinks you want it that way

Windows 7 XP Mode enters RC

Zune HD hands-on, impressions, tears of joy

Nikon camera has a Pico Projector

New Sony E-Readers

Vonage turns first profit ever,2817,2351215,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121

Some tweets now of out bounds at ESPN

But dead Presidents are allowed to Twitter

Psychopaths have abnormal brain structure


Mike in Dayton on Cell phone laws

James in Pennsylvania fighting the Shack movement

Dwight about tablet on Verizon


Hey buzz crew,

Just wanted to comment on the high game prices. We have friends over from the UK and they saw the $89 price for Wii Fit and were going crazy. Apparently overseas Wii Fit costs 139 pounds. Maybe it has to do with High demand, or maybe something else entirely.

Ryan Floyd The only listener from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

PS. Bell just announced that Saint John will get the first Fibre rollout in the country. Finally living in Atlantic Canada has payed off!

Hey gang,

Thinking about your $100 video game concept, my initial thought was “ugh! No way!” I barely buy new games at $60 each, there is no way I’d pay $100 for one would I?

And then I realized…I bought Fallout 3 used for about $50, loved it (which is a testament to that game, because I’m really not a gamer anymore)…and then bought the next three expansion packs at about $10 each. I’m seriously considering the fourth one too which would bring my total to just under $100. I’m still pretty sure that I wouldn’t put $100 down up front for a game anytime soon, but under a model where these “expensive to make” games come out in installments, it looks like I would part with that much money over all.

Note to game industry- take a note from the crack industry and get me hooked first, then nickle and dime me into spending the money. It seems I will reward a good product.

Your BFF,

Frank L

It seems kind of obvious why at&t doesn’t want huge exposure to google voice : true number portability. If you have a phone number that isn’t linked to the carrier, it becomes ever easier to not only switch carriers, but in fact even switch how you use voice services, including Skype and whatever else comes out down the road, minimizing the carrier’s power to lock people in.

Wayne the Programmer from Michigan

After The Credits[]

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