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1034 - Life is short, have pie
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell

Radio Shack as we mentioned yesterday is changing to The Shack. But a good restaurant in Connecticut is also called The Shack and has pie. Radio Shack does not have pie. They lose. We also talk about Google's dropping search share and the rumored new PS3.

Stories Covered[]

Google search share drops as Bing gains momentum

Misunderstandings abound about the ‘Windows Phones’ branding. Head’s up: Nothing has changed. Nothing.

Report: White House acting cyberspace chief resigns

Sony dropping 80GB PS3 in Japan?

Sony hints at $100 game titles

US Marines not allowed on social networks

Twitter warms up malware filter

Delicious Reborn as Real Time News Tracker

Netflix Watch Now on the iPhone

Ridley Scott signs up to direct Alien prequel


David Google Voice would make people use phone more

RogueTess we need specific driving laws


Hate to be one of those “well actually” individuals but when Tom said that nobody used Pointcast I felt the need to geekely speak up as its only apologist (no doubt :-)

I was in tech college at the time point cast was around and didn’t have anything but really slow dialup at home. Getting a bunch of articles pushed to my laptop that I could then read at my own comfort when I got home was fantastic. I also really enjoyed the interface and the story ticker. Pointcast was Google reader before RSS and I still wish Google reader would get its own desktop news ticker of some sort.

Spencer Kyle

Hello All,

When I heard of Radio Shack’s name change, I had to laugh, since there is a restaurant called the Shack here in Southeastern Connecticut. They serve great meals, and their motto is “Life is short, have pie.” Why would I go “The Shack” since I could go the other Shack to get pie?

Take care,


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