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1032 - Chat room says no
Monday, August 3, 2009
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Brian Tong
Jason Howell

We could have talked about yet another Apple tablet rumor but the chat room vetoed it. The chat room rulez! We do discuss Google's CEO leaving the Apple board and Microsoft shipping the normal Windows 7 to Europeans. And also robots that can run. That's not a good idea. Especially if they run towards you.

Stories Covered[]

Google’s Schmidt resigns from Apple board

Microsoft: No browserless Windows 7 after all

FCC’s Speed Shockingly Fast Looking Into iPhone-Google Voice Fiasco

AT&T Does Not Manage or Approve Apps for the App Store the-ones-we-dislike/

Apple tried to silence owner of exploding iPod with gagging order

Analyst claims first hand knowledge of Apple gaming, home media center tablet (Not discuss on show)

Defcon air traffic control hacker: Excuse me while I change your aircraft's flight plan

Verizon drops pricing on almost all existing smartphones to under $99

Radio Shack rebadged “The Shack” in mobile push

Robot Runs For Real

Ask Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra a question on Buzz Out Loud


Anonymous drew a blank


Hi Jabridon,

I just listened to ep 1030 and I love the idea of sighted people using canes to text or whatever on their iphones. I am a totally blind person in Austin Texas (go horns!) and anything that reduces the stigma of the cane I would consider a good thing. There is nothing more annoying than having strangers try to drag you where they think you’re going because they see the cane. Now I can just hold my phone while using my cane and I’ll just get dirty looks which I won’t notice. :)

Thanks for all the great shows.


Hey Buzz Crew,

I was listening to yesterday’s episode (1031) when Tom insisted that all talking on cell phones while driving should be illegal. (which it is in CA)

First, there are already laws on the books that outlaws driving while distracted. Any laws that outlaw any activities while driving is superflous. Those laws simply exist to make the politicians look like they are doing something, when really they are just wasting time relegislating something that is already illegal.

Second, driving while talking on a cell phone is not inherently dangerous. Allowing your attention to drift away from the road is. A couple years back I was on the freeway in Santa Barbara in my pickup talking to a friend on the phone. While going about 75, I turned a corner to see that traffic had STOPPED. I immediatly dropped my cell phone while grabbing the steering wheel like a madman and slammed the brakes. I stopped succesfully, although it was close. In fact, following too closely was more dangerous that talking. The point is, a driver simply needs to drive safely and attentively. I was able to pay attention while talking on a cell phone and avoided a major accident.

Recently addicted,


After The Credits[]

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