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1027 - What's your major smellfunction?
Monday, July 27, 2009
Tom Merrit, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Molly Wood & Brian Tong
Jason Howell

On today's episode, we invent a new word that we hope will show up on a show like "The Hills" sometime soon. Plus, we get fired up, make terrible jokes about monkeys controlling computers with their brains, and actually work in a tiny bit of news. For example, Apple's doing a tablet and music labels are trying to sell some new weird digital album thing. You might like the "fired up" part better.

Stories Covered[]

Apple partners with music labels for interactive content for new netbook -- Sept

Microsoft in new EU browser offer

Confusion at Best Buy over rumors of a $99 Palm Pre

Installing Pre homebrew apps: now even easier

Netflix Prize: And the $1 Million Winner Is...?

ATandT blocks 4chan

Wi-Fi on ordinary cell phones

Aussie Net filtering trial deemed a success despite problems

Nissan's Forest AC blows wild scents through your ride, keeps you alert

Monkeys and scientists develop persistent "plug and play" control over brain-to-computer interface


Josh in Denver with a challenge

Matt in Orlando on Halo movie


Hey Buzz Crew,

The New York Times had an an interesting article this weekend about what we, the Geeks and sci-fi enthusiasts, have feared for a long time. A group of computer scientists are starting to be concerned "that further advances [in artificial intelligence] could create profound social disruptions and even have dangerous consequences"... Simply put: robots could kill us all if we let them become intelligent enough!

I'll let you read the article; I'm sure it'll be of interest to you and anyone who listens to BOL.

Love the show!

Giorgio from Montreal

Brett here in Springfield. I was listening on friday and had one question during the story on wireless power. Maybe you touched on this and I just missed it, but what is to keep your neighbors from stealing power from your home like unprotected wi-fi. I have a small home and have lived in apartments in the past. No doubt the range would extend into the homes around me. What is to keep them from running up my bill?

After The Credits[]

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