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1026 - Donald is non-stick
Friday, July 24, 2009
Tom Merrit, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Tong & Donald Bell (in for Rafe Needleman)
Jason Howell

Teflon Don reveals that he is well, entirely coated in Teflon. But we still don't know if the iPhone 3GS is. So if you know, tell us. We also discuss how Twitter could improve it's home page and why the AP just doesn't get it.

Stories Covered[]

Palm Pre webOS 1.1.0 Available, Fixes iTunes Sync

Microsoft's Code Contribution Due To GPL Violation

Twitter to revamp home page for the masses

A.P. Cracks Down on Unpaid Use of Articles on Web

ISP cuts off suspected pirates without warning

Bezos apologizes for Kindle 1984 redaction

LongBox aims to be iTunes for comic books

Microsoft Changes "Laptop Hunters" Ad After Apple Complains

Wireless power system shown off

$2 Million NASA Power Beaming Challenge Heating Up

Cambrionix 49-port USB hub for professional nerds (thanks virgilio corrado)


Tim the teflon allergic

Alex from Austria on Google robots


Buzz crew,

I was just listening to the live show on Thursday when I heard you talk about an email you got from a listener praising Bing for it's quick movie listings at an AMC Theatre. As another recent convert to Bing (finding it better than my former Yahoo! searching), I was intrigued. If I understood correctly what the email was saying and what you were saying I believe you misunderstood his point. It sounded like you were looking to see who got you to the AMC website the easiest, but I believe he was talking about actually getting movie showtimes without leaving the search engine. Perhaps I had misunderstood so I did my own test on Bing, Google, and Yahoo! and I've included my screenshots as the results. I went to the basic website and did each search as described below:

Bing01 – typed in “amc” and pressed enter, website listed first, more links on the left.

Bing02 – clicked on the “AMC Movie Theatres” link on the left, website still listed first, actual movie times for closest theatre listed next.

Google01 – typed in “amc” and pressed enter, website listed first, no other suggestions listed?

Yahoo01 – typed in “amc” and pressed enter, website listed first, more links on top.

Yahoo02 – click on “amc theatres” link at the top, website still listed first, no more additional info without clicking through.

As you can see, at least from my tests, Bing gave me the actual movie times, which the others did not. They all gave me the website listed first. So better or not? You make the call, but I’m liking all the results I’ve been getting so far in daily use. Love the show!

– SClay (Claymation in the chat)

I had to comment on your statements about the USOC (United States Olympic Committee).

Now I should state that I used to work there but this has nothing to do with that. I’ve attended several “beer Olympics” and last year we had another one and invited our HR person from work. Now she just came to our company from the USOC and she actually was very upset that we used the word Olympics in the name of our local event. The only way we could shut her up about it was to get her in the events.

Love the show!


Hey guys,

Brian Cooley seems to, like most laypeople, believe that the mind and the brain are separate things. This Cartesian idea (ha, Cooley likes something from France…) is rather outmoded. Indeed, in experimental psychology and neuroscience we ditched dualism a long time ago. The mind is in the brain, well the nervous system. It may feel like your mind and brain are separate entities, but they are not. There are way too many data points to list in an email.

So, if we do know the chemical and electrical activity of the brain, we know the mind.

We (Marc Pelletier, John Gabrieli of MIT and I) discussed this on Futures in Biotech, episode 44

Dave (the psychologist).

PS, you have no free will, but that is another email for another time….

Hey Buzz Crew,

On episode 1025 you guys were talking about AT&T only putting fiber to the node. Well actually, my dad is a fiber splicer for AT&T in the Birmingham, Al region and for the past two years he has been installing fiber to curb. It seems to be a high priority item, because of those past two years he has been working more overtime than humanly possible. Just thought you would like to know.

And always LOVE THE SHOW!!!

Tommy, the Software Engineer from Huntsville, Al.

After The Credits[]

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