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1016 - Summon the royal Twitterer
Friday, July 10, 2009
Tom Merrit, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Tong & Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell

The monarchy comes to Twitter, but of course the Queen doesn't sully her fingers on the keyboard, she has a royal twitterer do that. We also discuss whether the new Universal Music Group deal with TuneCore will change the landscape of music. We also absolve North Korea of the botnet.

Stories Covered[]

Universal/TuneCore deal opens major doors for indie artists

Korean DDoS Bots To Self-Destruct

Looks like it's not DPRK either

Google's Schmidt initially opposed to Chrome, says Microsoft is welcome to port Internet Explorer on over

Report: 20% of online video fans watch less TV

New York Times Considers $5 Monthly Web-Access Fee

Google image search gets usage rights filtering

Clippy stars in new Office 2010 promo video

Royal household turns to Twitter

But there will be no twittering from the end-zone


Joe from Baton Rouge has a mulitfunction device issue of his own

RogueTess has good news for recent Kindle purchases


sup Buzz Crew

Regarding Pandora and the 40 hours per month cap; couldn't anyone just create an additional account, therefore getting 40 hours per account per month for free?

Granted 99 cents a month isn't a lot of money to spend, but in these troubled times -DRINK- , it could be a relatively simple alternative for any frugal music listener.

Stay awesome,

Terrence the Fraud Analyst from Madison, WI

Hey, Buzz-keteers:

I know there's only about one day of voting left - and you've already received a couple of kickin' campaign videos for Molly's effort to become President of the Internets - but I had some extra time last night when it turned out I couldn't sleep. So I thought I'd whip up a little website to go along with everything else that's been done to-date.

It's not much, but it helped me pass a couple of hours. And maybe it can be used as an information portal or something when our new benevolent overlord takes office in the fall. Pardon the strange URL, but - hey, whaddya want for work done at 3 AM:

Good luck, Miss Molly! Love the show!

Hey Buzz Crew,

Regarding your discussion of lithium polymer batteries (lipos for short) in episode 1015, they are not immune to exploding.

Lipos are a common power source in electric powered radio controlled models, particularly RC helicopters, due to their high energy-to- weight ratio. If they are compromised, they can spontaneously combust.

Also, if the cells are overcharged, they can outgas, causing a condition called puffing, and can explode if charging is taken to an extreme. Special cell-balancing chargers are typically used to avoid overcharging battery packs consisting of series-connected cells.

This doesn't instill my confidence in lipos as a power source in cars, particularly if you're in a crash.

Love the show.

Alan in McKinney, TX

After The Credits[]

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