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1013 - 21st century episode for the 21st century listener
Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Tom Merrit, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Brian Cooley & Natali del Conte
Jason Howell
Ryan Block of GDGT @ryanblock

Just like the LG watch we are a 21st century product for the 21st century consumer. Which means we exist now for people who exist now. Sigh. Ryan Block of gdgt joins us to talk about an algorithm to steal your Social Security Number and how Gmail finally came outta beta! Yay! Bad times and good times all in one. Now if only we could get those implants for cell phones. In our neck people, in our neck!

Stories Covered[]


New algorithm guesses SSNs using date and place of birth

Google Apps shed beta label

Palm Pre hitting UK, Ireland, Germany & Spain by Christmas

Sprint Offers a Netbook for Under a Buck. Will AT&T & Verizon follow?

Sony Viao W – the actual Sony netbook,2817,2349770,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121

LG Watch really coming!

Microsoft opens Hohm to energy monitoring

Toyota going whole hog on plug in hybrids by 2012

VW to sell electric car by 2013

McDonald’s to charge electric vehicles

Haystack, anti-censorship tool specifically for users in Iran, to launch soon.

Facebook’s Own Estimates Show Declining Student Numbers; Now More Grandparents Than High School Users

Sprint to preload barcode reader on Samsung Exclaim — a first for a U.S. carrier


Mike the Sales Guy to potential sponsors


Hi Buzz Crew,

Just wanted to remind you that there is a very special time occurring tomorrow.

12:34:56 7/8/9

The only time this occurs this century. Unless, of course you follow the d/m/y standard. Then YOUR special time will occur on August 7th!

Thought Tom, in particular would appreciate this!

Can you recommend an online clock site that has the time/date displayed in that format?

Shove the low!

Todd in PEI Canada (where I will experience my special second 4 hours before you do in SF!)

Hello Tom and various rotating Buzzing hosts, I just might have an extreme solution to getting those pesky LinkedIN profiles deleted ... The next time I am over at my Data Center I will see if I can hook a cable off the LinkedIN server farm in the cage next to mine and when the guy comes over to fix it I will hold him hostage until we get some deletions.

Peper 'PKTHerder' The Packet Herder from Denver

(Pronounced like Pepper ... and no I am not a Dr., I was not a Sgt, I don't have a lonely heart, I don't belong to club or a band, and my wife's name nor nickname does not happen to be salt, however, my family does have a six pack of Dr. Pepers. ... Wouldn't you like to be a Peper too?)

After The Credits[]

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