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1004 - We have come for your units
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Tom Merrit, Jason Howell Co-hosts: Rafe Needleman
Jason Howell
Dr. Kiki from This Week in Science

Dr. Kiki from This Week in Science joins us to talk tech and science and we realize that we will all soon wear solar-powered Gundam suits and travel the Earth. That is until they become self-aware and eject us and kill us all. We also take NASA to task and tell you when to get a new Windows PC.

Stories Covered[]

HTC Hero running Android and Sense UI

China not backing off despite filter code post on Wikileaks

Comcast, Time Warner Team Up to Control TV on the Internet

Dutch Gov. Wants To Tax Online Media To Fund Print

NIH funding level correlates with lower US mortality rates

Free Windows 7 won’t last forever

Windows 7 upgrade program nears launch

OLPC Fork Sugar On a Stick Goes 1.0

Switching To Solar Power, One Year Later

Deep in Bedrock, Clean Energy and Quake Fears

NASA Sticking To Imperial Units For Shuttle Replacement

Jury reports that Steon’s Orbo does not produce free energy


Alex from Europe about the Mercedes E class

Erin from Punxsatawnee on Verizon customers;contentNav


Dear Buzz Crew:

I'm OK guys, and today angry, no not they way you might think, I'm angry on the company I love the most and I have spent thousand of dollars buying their products, and loving them, yes, I'm talking to you Nokia. As you can see on the article below Nokia has sold a monitoring application to Iran's Telecom, for monitoring calls, sms, mms, and internet usage.

I have read in some other articles that Nokia has said we sold that application on late 2008 and the agreement says it can be used for limited number of users, mostly for security reasons like tracking and finding spy or anything like that, but the Iranian government is using it to monitor everyone's phone, and this is against Nokia's agreement and term of use and Nokia is going to sue Iran's government. But who knows? Have a great day

Best Regards


After The Credits[]

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