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Eli and Molly

Eli (born March 2, 2007) is the son of Molly Wood. In preparation for Eli, Molly left the show for a period of around 4 months, during which she periodically called in via a POTS line using COMREX compression as well as using VOIP. Molly often mentions her experience in dealing with Eli, on her Twitter blog. Eli has been given several nick-names and monikers during the existence of Buzz Out Loud, these include:

  • Little Buzz/Buzz (typically in references to Eli, before his naming/birth)
  • Buzztown Baby (typically in references to Eli, before his naming/birth)
  • Molly 2.0 (typically in references to Eli, before his naming/birth)
  • Baby-Cylon (In reference to the theory that his mother has a "magnetic field" that inherently breaks electronics, and must therefore be a Cylon, from the television show, Battlestar Galactica)
  • Heir to The Rage (A reference to Molly's frequent rants on the show, which lead to the creation of the website:
  • The Little Chieftan (In Reference to the Halo 3 Launch, in which Molly Wood was thought, incorrectly, to have been avoiding work to play Halo 3, and was therefore referred to as Halo's main character "The Master Chief", resulting in Eli being "the little chieftan")
  • Baby Buzz/Little Baby Buzz

Although referred to as Eli Wood sometimes, it should be noted that Wood is not his actual last name. Eli appeared on BOL Episode 1136.