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East Meets West is a podcast hosted by Tom Merritt and Roger Chang. Both are former TechTV employees that moved on to other ventures at CNET and DL.TV, respectively, after the merger of that network with G4 and many TechTV employees were released. The show has been recorded seventy-seven times (as of July 2007) and is one of the first podcasts spun out of the TechTV world that has little to do with discussing technology, which was the focus of that TV network, as opposed to others such as This Week in Tech, Diggnation and even DL.TV (all of which are hosted by former TechTV personalities as well).


Episodes of East Meets West are typically recorded on a Sunday or Monday night at either Tom's house or the CNET studios. Tom describes the show as, "...the always hilarious, sometimes random and definitely bizarre podcast of indeterminate topics...."[1]

To date the show has discussed such topics as:

  • Roger's dating life
  • Sci Fi shows
  • Fixing water faucets
  • Sports
  • History (both personal and world)
  • Work
  • TechTV
  • Movies
  • International politics

The show reached its 100th episode on December 30, 2007.[2]

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