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Self-professed gadget junkie: Owner of a Wii, Xbox360, PS3, Pioneer 5080HD plasma, DirecTV HD DVR, Onkyo HTIB, Dell laptop, 2 custom assembled 3Ghz quad core PCs running Vista Ultimate x64 and Ubuntu x64 (one is the kids'), 24" widescreen LCD flatpanel, various and sundry MP3 players/iPods/Zunes, and a Samsung i760 w/WinMoPro 6.1. The electric company loves me.
I am also a DJ, loving the new mass storage-based players. No more CDs!

On The Web[]

I am a web developer by trade so I have an aversion to creating web pages after 5PM. But I am on Facebook and LinkedIn

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

Newcomer to BOL. Where have you been all my life!

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