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Molly: OMG DRM ahed BOLcat

Dr. M is the BOL nickname for Digital Rights Management (DRM). Doctor M. is often considered to be nemesis of Buzztown inhabitants.

Doctor M resides in a bunker deep inside an inactive volcano where he derives new forms of encryption for audio, video, and text media to reduce usability for end users. Doctor M is currently thought (by Buzztown's inhabitants) to be bankrolled by the RIAA and the MPAA.

He phoned in on episode 714 to announce a mayoral campaign.

He also phoned in on episode 1341, Brian Tong's first episode as co-host, to announce a bid for the BOL iPod Mixtape.

Off the Australian Internet

On 2009-12-15, 18:54:

AndrewFaulds: Doctor Merrit, your name is abbreviated to Dr. M sometimes. So are you the non-evil twin or [sic] DRM?

acedtect: yes AndrewFaulds that is one of things I want off the Australian internet

AndrewFaulds: acedtect: Thankyou. But I'm in the UK!

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