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Who is Deeptear[]

I love technology and science. As a kid I destroyed more toys by taking them apart than Tom Merritt has segues. I bought myself my first computer, a Commodore 64, when my father refused to buy one since it was just an expensive toy and not worth it. I upgraded Commodores on each new model ending with a Commodore Amiga. I made the switchover to PCs around 1990 buying the only manufactured PC I ever got. It was a 386SX Packard Bell. I only had that PC for six months before I scavenged usable parts from it and bought new components for the rest of it and built the first of my many self built PCs. I have had several Tech Support jobs and have many support call horror stories which I swear are true.

I've been listening to Buzz Out Loud for more than a year and never missed an episode since I started. I don't recall precisely when I joined the chat room and watched the live streaming but it probably was around August or September. I go by my username of Deeptear in the chat. Deeptear is actually a handle I stumbled into trying to make one off my real name. DT are my initials since my name is Doug so I thought Dug... well, dig a deep hole so Deep. T I took the first part of my last name Torneden thinking, hmmm, Torn... Deeptorn, no, hmm, tear, Deeptear. I knew instantly I found the handle I wanted. I decided though to sound it as tear as in to cry though to acknowledge that part of my depression bouts.

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