Buzz Out Loud Wiki

User Info[]

DarqueKnight Is actually Jason D. Storey. Mild mannered Video Store manager in Dublin Ga. Thats in the deep south for those of you who don't know. Pity Him. Please.

Podcasts of Choice[]

Jason is a huge fan of the Buzz crew of course but he also recommends the following

  • TWiT (This Week in Tech)
  • Mac Break Weekly
  • The 404
  • Windows Weekly
  • Mahalo Daily
  • 1up Yours
  • This American Life
  • Gamespot Presents: The Hotspot
  • Net@Nite
  • Gadgettes

3-2-1 Contact![]

Jason can be found on the interwebs in the following ways

  • look for Darque in the WatchBol chatroom or the 404 chatroom and if you see him say hello. He won't bite. Mostly.