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Thu, June 4, 1992 (30)
London, England
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Reasonably recent listener, but already well-known in the chat. Was originally known as DiningInHell (see below).


A 17 year old A-Level student from England, DanielInHell is a self-proclaimed computer/technology geek who hopes to work in computer science one day.

He has his sights set on either going to Imperial College (where the founder of Bebo went) or to Southampton University(where the people who wrote's core software went).

On The Web[]

DanielInHell doesn't have a blog of any proper sorts, but he is active on Plurk and Twitter. He is a fan of a lot of CNET podcasts, and will always try and make a live recording of Buzz Out Loud whenever he can.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

DanielInHell became a regular listener of Buzz Out Loud in 2008, as well as a regular in the #CNETFans chat. He originally called himself DiningInHell, but after a hilarious response from Tom to one of his call-ins, he changed his name to DanielInHell.

DanielInHell has emailed and called in to Buzz Out Loud many times, and has so far had 3 calls played, and one email read out. He kick-started a discussion about, which continued for about 5 shows, has had various mentions during the show, and has successfully chosen several show titles.

DanielInHell was named as one of CNET TV's top 25 most influential fans, because, as noted above, his nickname was changed by the hosts of Buzz Out Loud, making him one of the only people to have done so. The hosts are also fans of his British accent. [1]

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