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Category: Episode Stubs is a catigory that shows all of the episode guides that need completion.

The Problem[]

  • When an episode guide is created, the tag {{episodestub}} is put at the bottom of the page and isn't usually removed when an episode guide is completed.
  • The result of this is that the Category: Episode Stubs page gets full of episode guides that are completed but still have that tag on the bottom of the page.

Note: the tag {{episodestub}} can be used to put an episode guide in the episode stubs list.

The Fix[]

Here are the ways you can help fix this problem:


The best way to stop it is at it's source. When you are creating an episode guide, make sure that you use the episode stubs tag when it is needed and take it off if you have finished an episode guide.

Fixing Finished Episodes with that tag[]

You can go and fix episodes that are mistakenly put into that category. Below are the steps to do that:

  1. First, go to Category: Episode Stubs.
  2. Then select any episode guide.
  3. Check the episode guide to see if it is complete. Here is a good example of a well done episode guide.
  4. If the episode guide looks like the example above, remove the {{episodestub}} tag at the bottom of the page. If the episode guide dosn't look like it is complete, leave the tag there.