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Ceruleanlobster, alternatively known as Lola, is a podcast fanatic, music fanatic, avid reader, T.V. & movie enthusiast and wannabe professional writer of indeterminate age.



She was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, went to college at the University of Alabama @ Birmingham (English B.A., minor in Psychology). She resides in Jacksonville, FL. with her two insane cats Quatsch and Chester and her semi-sane boyfriend, Eric. She writes a weekly music blog and produces a bi-weekly music podcast, both named Cerulean's Love of Music. Both of these are mirrored on her Myspace, which unlike Blogger supports RSS.


She's been a devotee of podcasts since early 2006, though she listened to her first podcast in 2005. Her devotion didn't bloom until she bought her first mp3 player (a Motorola flash player) in 2006. Soon after she began producing her own podcast, though (as she will admit) she's still not very good at it. Lola recently published a list of her favorite podcasts on her blog

She's had her comments/e-mails read on a few shows: Her comparison of Tom Merritt of Buzz Out Loud to Voldemort (of the Harry Potter books) and suggestion that Roger Chang (of East Meets West and formerly of Ziff Davis media) might be related to Cho Chang (also of the Harry Potter books) was read on Episode 77 of East Meets West, and the actual comment can be found on the comments page for the previous episode.

She had a video comment read on an episode of DL.TV, and recently she made Tom Merritt choke after reading her comment on an episode of Buzz Out Loud. She has stated before that she is proud of these moments.


Lola, unfortunately, hasn't had anything published. She's written a few short stories, and she plans to gather them into a collection and publish them as an audiobook (probably via Podiobooks) and in print through She is currently waiting until she's written a few more stories. She would like to write a novel one day, but she says that she's waiting for her Adult-Onset ADD to clear up.

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