Buzz Out Loud Wiki

BASC is headed by Tim the Rocket Scientist who wrote the original master plan. It's purpose is to serve and protect the citizens of Buzz Town from alien invasions and any other space-borne threats.

The Master Plan:

  1. Organize and elect a leader- myself of course
  2. Start making technology: rockets, satellites, ships: all heavily DRM'ed so that only we can use them.
  3. Scare Mahalo users into joining us, we might need Veronica
  4. Ally with Revision3/Digg users, their users are fanatical (as shown in Tom's Top 5 Fanboys)
  5. Recruit 4Chan- we'll need some WMD's (Weapons of Meme Destruction) and they know how to create them
  6. Go to war with the TWiT Army
  7. Get rid of the Rick Roll for good
  8. ???
  9. Profit and sleep on beds of money like Tom